Btoom 1.0 (1.8.+)

Hunger games with bombs

  1. maccier
    Btoom is a survival games where (in the orginal version ) 36 players are on an islande. They have 1 radar , 16 bombs and some item bonus by player.
    To win, they have to get 8 radar or be the last survivor.

    In the plugin there are:

    - 19 bombs with different effect.
    - 20 start kits and one random kit.
    - A system of parachute to supply player
    - a random teleport to start the games.


    - Btoom.VIP to acces all kits (the random kit didn't need this permission)


    Spawn : Spawn location.
    Lobby : Lobby location

    Range: range of the player where can be teleport around the spawn location when the game start

    MinPlayer : number of player required for start game

    nbPlayerParachute : Define the number of player required for one parachute

    TimeBetweenParachute : Time betwen 2 wave of parachute on seconds

Recent Reviews

  1. Filmjolk
    Version: 1.0 (1.8.+)
    This is just brilliant. Never thoght of porting this to minecraft. I need some lizards now
  2. SpyJohnK
    Version: 1.0 (1.8.+)
    Awesome plugin! Keep up the good work! :)