BubblesVanish 1.5

ENGLISH - Ever want to watch Griefers without Bubbles?

  1. maxi1498
    BubblesVanish 1.5

    1. What it does?
    The Plugin is a very small one! It only have ONE Command /vansih!
    It makes you invisible for all Players! Now you can watch or Troll ;) others without them seeing the Bubbles!

    2. How to use?
    Download it and drop it in your plugins folder!

    3. TO-DO:
    [+] Add way to make others invisible!
    [+] Add way to de-/activate Vanish Function!
    [+] Add GUI to see who's vanish!

    Code (Text):

    - vanish.use - Allows you to use the Vanish Command!

    - vanish.help - Allows you to see the help page!

    - vanish.other - Allows you to vanish others!

    - vanish.toggle - Allows you to De-/activate the Vanish Function!

    Code (Text):

    - /vanish - Make you visible or invisible!

    - /vanish to <player> - Vanish other players!

    - /vanish help - Shows the help page!

    - /vanish true/false - 'true' enables the Vanish Function, 'false' disables it!

    Hope you enjoy my Plugin!
    PS: YAY, over 1k downloads ;D

Recent Updates

  1. Vanish others!
  2. Command Changes
  3. Toggle Function added!

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    Hahahahaa now i can troll
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