BucketsLite || (Custom Gen Buckets)

The best FREE gen bucket plugin. Includes: gravity, vertical, pseudo, and horizontal gen buckets

  1. Added delayed messages.

    - delayed messaging for gen bucket price. Basically this means that the player will not be spammed when they are placing gen buckets, rather they will get 1 message after they has stopped generating.

    - add this message to your messages.yml:
    Code (Text):

    # Message sent to the player after they finish using the gen bucket, this will be delayed by the
    # #message-delay: in the config. No permission required
    - "&7 "
    - "&6&lv&e&lBuckets:"
    - "&7Your blocks have started generating blocks at &c&n-$%price%&7 per bucket"
    - "&7The total cost of generation will be shown after you stop."
    - "&7 "
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