BucketsLite || (Custom Gen Buckets)

The best FREE gen bucket plugin. Includes: gravity, vertical, pseudo, and horizontal gen buckets

  1. BucketsLite || Full recode

    - The way generation is handled has been changed completely, it is now significantly more efficient and most tasks are run async.
    - The configuration has changed significantly, please let the plugin regenerate new files.
    - Added admin notification for bucket placements
    - Added pseudo buckets

    Removed the ArrayOutOfBounds Exception that was being thrown a lot of the time

    Beta Feature:
    Player active buckets gui.
  2. Changes And Fixes

    - Vertical buckets will now generate from the bottom up, so they will gen from where the player is standing to a specified max height (set in config)
    - I redid every configuration file to make it nicer to read / look at.

    - Console was outputting some errors that should't have been happening
  3. Fixed horizontal bucket directions, removed a length bug.

    - Horizontal gen buckets will now generate in the direction that the player is facing rather than just to the east like previous.
    - Removed a bug where horizontal buckets would be 1 block longer than the should be, if you set the max gen length to 32 they would generate 33 blocks. It is back to normal functionality now.
  4. Added delayed messages.

    - delayed messaging for gen bucket price. Basically this means that the player will not be spammed when they are placing gen buckets, rather they will get 1 message after they has stopped generating.

    - add this message to your messages.yml:
    Code (Text):

    # Message sent to the player after they finish using the gen bucket, this will be delayed by the
    # #message-delay: in the config. No permission required
    - "&7 "
    - "&6&lv&e&lBuckets:"
    - "&7Your blocks have...
  5. Added scaffold buckets + per bucket block delay

    Scaffold buckets generate from the ground up, they are designed for gravity blocks but you can make them any type. These are an alternative to have vertical gravity buckets, scaffold buckets will be more lag friendly.

    I also added per bucket block delay so that you can choose how fast each bucket will generate rather than just a general time for all buckets. Either generate a new buckets.yml or add this line to each of the buckets:
    Code (Text):

    delay: 5 (delay in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second)...