BudderSlap 1.0

SkyDoesMinecraft's BudderSlap is now available to you!

  1. MrBigBigK24
    If you like SkyDoesMinecraft's minigame BudderSlap then you can now get it without having to pay for people to make it for you! This plugin gives the player a stick of budder (Gold Ingot) with knockback II so the players can have fun with pvp up close or when you right click the gold ingot it shoots a snowball which breaks certain blocks.

    This plugin is still in development so check daily for new updates!

    /budder - Gives the player the gold ingot!
    /blocks - Gives the player a list of blocks the snowball breaks!

    Coming Soon:
    1. Configuration
    2. Demo Video
    3. Arena Setup
    4. Double Jump Integration

    1. Download plugin
    2. Place plugin in server's plugin folder
    3. Make a world (I recommend you make a void world so the server doesn't have to load a lot of chunks)
    4. Join the server
    5. Enjoy!!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ismati5
    Version: 1.0
    It doesn´t work in Spigot 1.8, it is correct?
    1. MrBigBigK24
      Author's Response
      It works in Spigot 1.8 I've tested it myself.