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Sell buffs for money and/or items! Customizable GUI!

  1. Fix gifts

    fixed gifts. (remove it from memory after confirm)
  2. More and more options!

    EDIT: Meh, gifts are broken :D

    Added configuration for messages, commands (aliases), "special words".
    and changed command, now player should use /buybuff command.

    Created simple command system.

    Many tests with editors, but that still isn't added.

    gifts! /buybuff <nickname>

    This is still alpha version of plugin!
  3. 0.1.1 Metrics, Update check, prices fix, buttons fix

    • Metrics
    • UpdateCheck
    • Now all items in GUI can have price.
    • /buffshopreload update -> check if plugin is up to date. (in async, no-lag)
    • Button system, removed "action-like" system, each type of button had own button class.