BugManager 2.0.5

A Bug Reporting System with a Clean GUI ~ A Must Have Plugin for Server Owners!

  1. tatemylove
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Bug-Manager (Bug Reporter)

    How to Report an Issue:
    If you're having issues with my plugin, either PM me, post in the discussion, or go here https://github.com/greeves12/BugManager/issues

    Please also assign me as the assignee so I get the notification that you submitted an issue.

    Bug-Manager is a simple plugin to allow you to keep track of all your user created bug reports in a neat data file and In-Game GUI. How it works? A user on your server types in the command as well with a title and a description, from there it will be added to the data.yml with the player's name, title and description. The player can make as many bug reports as he/she wants. Make server management much easier for server staff and owners. To simply view a report, you type in the command and it will open up a GUI and you click what report you want to read.

    Q: How can I disable the auto message?
    A: To disable the auto message head into your "plugins" folder then to "BugReport" folder then open config.yml. From there set "reminder-interval" to -1 and it will permanently disable it

    Q: How do I change the messages?
    A: To change the messages, head to your "plugins" folder then to "BugReport" folder and then open "language.yml". From there you can change the strings to any thing you would like. Remember: '&' is the color code, for example "&bHello" would be light blue.

    Q: Can I edit the config in-game?
    A: Yes you can, you just need the permission bugreport.config and then type /bugreport config

    Q: Does this plugin have an Auto Updater?
    A: Yes it does. Cannot be disabled and downloads from the GitHub repository. No, its not a virus, k?

    If you need translations to different languages you can download them here, but first start your server then head into the "BugReport folder" and replace the old language.yml with the one you just downloaded!

    Simplified Chinese by @LingXin:


    Video Demonstration by Me:

    1. Drag the jar into the plugins folder, of the server!
    2. Start or reload the server!
    3. Plugin installed

    Viewing Bug Reports:
    This is done in a few easy steps:

    1. Open your server folder

    2. Head to "plugins" folder

    3. Click on "Bug Report" folder

    4. Open "data.yml" with notepad (Notepad ++ is strongly recommended for organization)


    1. Type /bugreport view ~ To open the ingame GUI

    Config Example:
    Code (Text):
    # This is the interval between each message in seconds
    reminder-interval: 300

    # Define the message you want to send to the players
    reminder-message: "&dIf you encounter a bug, please report it! \n&b/bugreport <title> <description>"

    # Edit the message you want to send them after they report a bug
    report-message: "&bThanks for reporting!"

    #Change the message after a delete is perfomed
    delete-message: "&aReport deleted"

    #Change the message for player without sufficient permissions
    noperm-message: "&cYou don't have access to this command!"

    #Disable the join message that notifies you of new updates
    join-message: true

    #Enable or Disable auto update
    auto-update: true

    /bugreport create [title] [desc] ~Will create a bugreport

    /bugreport help ~Displays help menu

    /bugreport view ~Opens the In-Game viewing GUI, allowing admins to view reports

    /bugreport reload ~Reloads the plugin, not the entire server!

    /bugreport version ~Checks the plugin's version

    /bugreport delete <ID> ~Deletes the report with the ID. Example: /bugreport delete 0

    /bugreport update ~ Updates the plugin

    /bugreport check ~ Checks the current version

    /bugreport config ~ Opens the ingame config editing GUI

    bugreport.report ~ Give this to players to allow them to create bug reports

    bugreport.view ~ Give this to admins to allow them to view reports

    bugreport.reload ~Give this to admins to allow them to reload the plugin Data File

    bugreport.delete ~ Deletes a report

    bugreport.notify ~ Player is notified of a new report

    bugreport.config ~ Allows the player to edit the config ingame

    bugreport.bypass ~ Allows the player to bypass the bug report create cooldown

    - Easy bug tracking
    - In-Game config editing GUI
    - Organized data file (for your convenience)
    - Reminder Messages
    - In-Game viewing through a GUI
    - Auto Updater
    - Config for customization
    - Ingame creating and deleting
    - Multi GUI page support!
    - Multi Language Support
    - Left clicking automatically opens a report
    - Right clicking automatically deletes a report

    I can't expect you to donate but this plugin is developed in my free time. If you happen to like what I do, just click the button below, thanks :)


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Recent Reviews

  1. CloudPixels
    Version: 2.0.0
    Fantastic plugin. Makes bug management a breeze. The author is very helpful and supportive. 11/10!!!!!
  2. DxWarrior7
    Version: 2.0.0
    Very well thought out/coded resource. There are some minor bugs to this, but I'm sure the developer will be able to fix them! (Discussion section)
  3. p82183645
    Version: BugManager v1.2.9
    Is this a good plugin, but can you add a language document?
    For example: the prefix can not be modified
    1. tatemylove
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Next update I will create a document that will contain information like that. Also new languages will be supported and will be downloadable on this page and the Bukkit page.
  4. LingXin
    Version: BugManager v1.2.7
    Excellent plugin.Can I introduce it in the Chinese forum?
    There will be more people to know it to use it,
    *I translate it rapidly into Chinese,*And let them to download here
    I will update with you,
    Is that ok?XD
    1. tatemylove
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Sure that's fine with me.