BugReport System 1.0

A very simple and lightweight bug report system for your server.

  1. Duzbee

    A very simple and lightweight plugin for your server.

    • I made this plugin for craftbukkit 1.8.8 and tested it on the same version, but I'm pretty sure that will work fine on any version.
    • Very simple and lightweight
    • Players can report bugs using /bug <arguments>
    • OPs or players / groups with the br.* permission can use /seebugs to see the reported bugs and /delbug <player name> to delete a bug report
    • Players can report a single bug until an admin reviews it
    • /bugreport - Shows a help menu
    • /bug <arguments> - Report a bug
    • /seebugs - View all bugs
    • /delbug <player name> - Remove a bug
    • br.* - Gives access to all commands
    • br.bug - Gives access to report a bug
    • br.seebugs - Gives access to view all bugs
    • br.delbug - Gives access to remove a bug