BugReport 2015-12-28

Report Them Bugs!

  1. LeoTRM
    LeoTRM , Danablend
    Many new servers experience a lot of bugs, exploits and glitches, and this plugin allows honest players to report bugs they have found on the server, so the staff directly can view them from the in-game, and act to the report. The player can only post 1 report at a time, until a staff has cleared their last report to prevent people from spamming in reports. Reports are also found in the config file that gets created on first startup.

    • /Bug - Shows the user the commands for the plugin
    • /Bug <text> - Sends in the text written, to the system
    • /Bugview - Views all bugs that has been sent in by players
    • /Bugdelete <name> - Clears the username's bug report.
    • You can also use /bugdel and /delbug <name> to clear the username's bug report.
    • bugreport.report - This is needed if you want players to be able to report bugs!
    • bugreport.view - Allows the user to view bugs
    • Bugreport.delete - Allows the user to clear bugs


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