BugReport 1.0

Let Players Report bugs and bad players

  1. Xavlios
    This Plugin will Let Players Report bugs and bad players by using simple commands.

    /bugreport help
    /report bug <message>
    /report <PlagerName> <Message>

    when a player reports another player or a bug it will add to the file "Bugs.txt" or "Reports.txt" saying who reported and their message and or reason.

    The only permission node is:

    which allows you to run the command:
    /bugreport reload

Recent Reviews

  1. ApplePieXpto
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome! Does everything that it promises, works perfectly without erros on Thermos server version 58, Mc 1.7.10. I would recommend using a config file to configure command timeouts but nothing that can't be done in Skript. Thanks!