Build Tools 0.2.0

Unique tools to help OPs build.

  1. Ninty
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    This script will give you two unique tools to help you while building. Not recommended for non-OPs.
    • Quick Spec: Puts you in spectator mode for three seconds, then returns you to creative.
    • Wall Builder: Builds a wall of any chosen block of a customizable length.
    Drop the script in your /plugins/Skript/scripts folder.
    Run /sk reload BuildTools.

    - Enter or exit BuildTools mode. Clears your inventory every time you use it. (Permission:
    /bt [number] - Set your Wall Builder length. Numbers above 10 are not recommended.

    Wall Builder:
    Hold sneak + left click while looking at a block to select it. Place it on the ground, and a line of that block will be built. If your Wall Builder tool disappears, try left-clicking with the Quick Spec! If it's still gone, you'll have to exit and re-enter Build Tools mode.

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