Buildable Factions 0.76

Faction plugin with configurable protections

  1. pingolunar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    What is it?

    Buildable factions is a plugin that allows players to create or join factions and claim territory using CCs. This claimed lands will have certain protections that can be edit at any given time by someone with permission.


    -In order to work in a specific world, it needs to be activated first. This can be done by typing /world add <WorldName>.

    -This requires the "bf.console" permission.

    -All the configuration is done in the /f panel. Every player has access to it, so they can see all the information.

    Create/Join faction
    -You can create a faction by typing /f create <FactionTag> <Color> <FactionName>. You can join a faction by typing /f join <FactionName>.

    This can be also done using the /f panel.

    -This is the currency used to claim territory, create factions and set homes. It can be obtained by doing advancements.

    The amount of CCs given is configurable for each type of advancement in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> Config Menu -> Advancements

    Claim/Abandon territory
    -There's two ways you can do this, using commands or by placing banners.

    Place a green banner to claim territory or a red banner to abandon it. After a certain duration, the territory will be claimed/abandoned in the predefined range.

    This can be disabled, and the duration and range of claiming/abandon is configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> World Information (-> Chunk Settings )

    -This requires the "bf.console" permission.

    Note: players can only abandon other's faction claimed territory if they have the "bf.dcc" permission.

    -You can configure it for each world, each area, inside or outside of claimed territory.

    Everything can be disabled and its configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> World Information -> Chunk Settings

    -This requires the "bf.console" permission.

    -Any player in a faction can add, remove or edit roles. This roles contain access and command permissions, restraining players from doing certain actions and commands, accordingly to the role they have.

    This is configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> Faction Info -> Roles

    Default Roles
    -When you can create a faction, it will also create default roles. You can add, remove or edit this roles.

    This is configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> Config Menu -> Default Roles

    -This requires the "bf.console" permission.

    Disable Chunks per Death
    -On a player death, a percentage of the total chunks of his faction get disabled, meaning, those chunks will have the same protection as the unclaimed chunks.

    This is disabled by default and its configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> Config Menu -> Disable Chunks per Death

    -You can define a region in the world you are in by typing /area add <1ºChunkX> <1ºChunkZ> <2ºChunkX> <2ºChunkZ> <AreaName>. It will have separated chunk and home settings.

    This is configurable in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> World Information -> Areas -> (AreaName)

    -This will collect some server data and it will help me with future improvements. It can be disabled on the bStats config file.

    Typing this commands on the chat will show all the possible sub-commands and their descriptions:
    -/faction or /f, /cc, /area, /world.

    All the commands have TAB auto-complete implemented.
    Almost all the /faction and /cc commands can be disabled in the /f panel:
    -Main Menu -> World Information -> Allowed Commands

    -"bf.dcc", bypass factions protections;
    -"bf.console", edit settings;
    -"", add ccs to players;
    -"bf.areas", allows players to always see areas coordinates;
    -"", view certain player and faction information.

    By default, only operators have this permissions.

    Events you can listen to:

    Maven dependency:

    If you encounter any errors, have some idea you would like to share or just want to leave a thought, comment here bellow.
    This will be very useful to future improvements and i really appreciate it.
    Have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. ViperSniper0501
    Version: 0.74
    Works great for simple servers with friends. :)
    Thanks for making it and keep up the good work
  2. Ferthor
    Version: 7.0
    Works really good, very good performance and a whole new faction concept.
    The Developer is very responsive and is aware of everything that the plugin has.
    The only downside/strange part of it, its you gotta search with the command /f panel to find some stuff, which is not really something bad, but something that requires players to interact with the plugin and go deep into it to find required stuff, examples such as areas and world settings/borders or claims.
    Overall an excelent plugin and a whole new concept of the mode Factions!
  3. Joshx
    Version: 7.0
    Works very well, however I have noticed one bug so far:

    Animals (such as Squids, cows and sheep) outside claimed borders cannot be killed, this is quite concerning as players cannot kill them for food since it shows a red barrier block icon on top of the animal when you try hit them.

    Any fix?
    1. pingolunar
      Author's Response
      The chunk protections can be edit at the wold panel.
      You can access this by typing /f panel and then select World Information -> Chunk Settings -> Inside Protection/Outside Protection.
      I will later put all this information on the plugin description.
      Thanks for the review!