BuildAPrefix 3.0.0

End the sea of boring prefixes.

  1. AniSkywalker
    This project has now fully moved to BukkitDev for the sake of simplicity. Please get it here (


    What is it?
    BuildAPrefix is the solution to a problem that is widespread. Chat on most servers is an endless sea of boring [Member] tags and [Donor] tags that would put a person on coffee to sleep. What does BuildAPrefix do? It allows your players (or donors, both are EULA complient) to set their own prefixes. Now, I know what you're thinking, "I already have a plugin like this." Read the list of features and then re-evaluate this plugin.

    • Signs for all main functions- no boring commands that you forget in the blink of an eye.
    • Full formatting support- that's &a &b &1 &l &k etc. All colors are available via permissions.
    • It informs players as to what colors they can use.
    • Signs are fully configurable.
    • Works best using Redis database, but it works without one.
    • Configurable minimum and maximum character length, as well as opening and closing characters ( '[' ']' )
    • Simple permissions.
    • Powerful configuration that's (in my opinion overly) commented.
    • Experimental: uses a profanity API by Google to attempt to censor prefixes. Configurable.
    • Blacklist using Regular Expressions (RegEx) to keep people from being admins. See the config for help and examples.
    • New: Prefixes in the Player List (tab bar). Great perk for higher donors. It updates with any changes to the player's prefix.
    • Oh, did I mention how awesome BuildAPrefix is?

    • /prefix {clear}: initiates a prefix building session. 'Clear' clears your prefix.
    • /prefix clear [player]: clears the prefix for the given player.

    • buildaprefix.prefix: Allows the player to create a prefix.
    • buildaprefix.colors.ALL: Gives the player all colors. Functions similar to the * character but it works slightly faster (by stopping a loop).
    • buildaprefix.colors.[color-letter]: Gives player the color specified. Ex: buildaprefix.colors.a gives a player &a. This works with formatting codes too.
    • buildaprefix.sign: allows the player to create BuildAPrefix signs.
    • buildaprefix.clearother: allows the player to clear others' prefixes.
    • buildaprefix.tabbar: Display the player's prefix before their name in the tab bar.
    • buildaprefix.bypasscensor: Allows the player to bypass the censor.
    • buildaprefix.bypassblacklist: Allows the player to bypass the blacklist. (Good for staff who want Moderinator).
    'Create Prefix' Sign:

    Make it as follows:

    1. [Prefix]
    'Clear Prefix' Sign:

    Make it as follows:

    1. [Prefix]
    2. clear
    Simple as it gets!

    To Do
    • Add permission for clear.
    • Add lang file.
    • Add more customization options (RegEx?).
    • Add an API.
    • Add an option to add it to the tab bar.
    • Re-implement blacklist. Simpler methods. RegEx.
    • Comment the configuration file.
    • Add bypass permissions.
    • Add a log.
    • Implement auto updating.
    • Implement metrics.
    Please Note
    1. This plugin will be, shortly, using statistics tracking from MCStats. You will be able to opt out of it via the PluginMetrics configuration. It will also be using an auto-update feature soon.
    This plugin is best used with Redis databases. Why? Redis is a super-fast key-value cache and store that's great for things like this. It let's you sync your prefixes across servers (so it's perfect for hubs), and it will make sure you never lose a prefix (especially in the event of a crash or force stop). Need help setting up a Redis server? There are some amazing tutorials on the web. For Mac, check this out. For windows, check here. Ubuntu? Gotcha. Other Linux platforms are definitely supported, but I don't have room to put all the links. After installing it, it's highly recommended to set a password. I have never tested it without one but setting redis: auth: to "" (two quotes) should do the trick.
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  1. PotatoVerseMC
    Version: 2.1
    Excellent plugin. If you could, maybe add support for various chat plugins, like HeroChat?

    If you could, that would be great.
    1. AniSkywalker
      Author's Response
      The new version (hosted on BukkitDev) works with HeroChat and any other chat plugin.