Builder's Utilities 1.2.9

Collection of a lot of tiny features that help with building

  1. fixed error related to glazed terracotta rotating

    fixed error related to glazed terracotta rotating
  2. bug fixes

    even more bug fixes, should have less errors in console now :)
  3. bug fixes and 1.13 support

    bugs should now be fixed let me know if there are more!
    also added support for 1.13 (fixed bug with banners)
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  4. fixed bug with slabs turning into purper slabs

    fixed bug with slabs turning into purper slabs
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  5. fixed issue with last update

    - fixed issue with toggle menu
    - fixed issue with error for DragonEgg Interaction
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  6. Bug fixes and some small additions :D

    - fixed bug from banner creator throwing errors
    - fixed observers that weren't working

    - added option to toggle end portal gate from the blocks menu
    - added statistics with MassiveStats
  7. fixed things

    - disabled iron trapdoors and double slab breaking in other modes which aren't Creative
    - fixed attack speed bug when disabled it doesn't reset it back to default
  8. fixed issues with block physics

    - fixed issue with pressure plates and tripwires not working when redstone was enabled
  9. bug fix

    fixed null pointer error in console.
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  10. bug fixes

    - fixes error with purpur slab on 1.8
    - fixes secret blocks being able to be placed in protected places
    - some small other fixes.
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