Builder's Utilities 1.3.2

Collection of a lot of tiny features that help with building

  1. fixed things

    - disabled iron trapdoors and double slab breaking in other modes which aren't Creative
    - fixed attack speed bug when disabled it doesn't reset it back to default
  2. fixed issues with block physics

    - fixed issue with pressure plates and tripwires not working when redstone was enabled
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  3. bug fix

    fixed null pointer error in console.
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  4. bug fixes

    - fixes error with purpur slab on 1.8
    - fixes secret blocks being able to be placed in protected places
    - some small other fixes.
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  5. update 1.2

    - fixed particle visibility for night vision
    - removed end portal frame block from secret blocks
    - added end gateway and dragon egg to secret blocks
    - added custom slab breaking
    - added glazed terracotta rotating
    - added personal Toggle GUI for most of the features ( /bu )
    - fixed some bugs
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  6. bugfixes

    - fixed a lot of errors when using it on a 1.8 server
    - fixed //con for //sel convex
    - fixed error when it can't identify the teleport cause