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Builders Wand is a plugin that adds a custom item which helps you build in creative and survival mod

  1. Wythe
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Wythe aka False
    Languages Supported:
    english, german, spanish
    Builders Wand is a plugin that adds a custom item which helps you build in creative and survival mode.
    This plugin is inspired by the item "Builders Wand" from extra utilities.


    • Make building more easily
    • Highly customizable
    • Custom Particle
    • Custom Item
    • Custom craftingrecipes
    • Internal configurable Storage
    • Multiple configurable Wands
    • Works on 1.8 - 1.13.2
    • Support with your custom Plugin via the API
    • Supported Plugins:

    Example usage of the Wand (Spigot cant display it here... idk why)


    Code (Text):

      notification: true
      autoDownload: true
      renderInterval: 2
      renderForAllPlayers: false
    Code (Text):

        name: '&3Builders Wand'
        material: BLAZE_ROD
        maxSize: 8
        consumeItems: true
          amount: 130
          enabled: true
          text: '&5Durability: &e{durability}'
            d: DIAMOND
            b: BLAZE_ROD
          enabled: true
          shapeless: false
          - xxd
          - xbx
          - bxx
          enabled: true
          type: REDSTONE
          count: 3
          enabled: true
          size: 27
    You can find the particles list under Particles (Enum Constants), but beware its the newest documentation so if you dont have the newest spigot version maybe some particles not working.

    • /bw reload - reloads the config
    • /bw give <player> - give the builder wand (tier 1)
    • /bw give <player> <tier> - give the builder wand (tier X)
    • buildersWand.reload to execute the reload command
    • buildersWand.give to execute the give command
    • buildersWand.use to allow a user using the wand
    • buildersWand.craft to allow crafting the wand
    • buildersWand.bypass to allow building in blocked areas (e.g. aSkyBlock and/or worldGuard areas)
    • to allow the user using the builders wand storage/inventory
    • buildersWand.updateNotification to get a message on a new update of this plugin
    Optional permissions for each wand, is a permissions set (in the wands.yml) then the user needs the permission to use the wand.

    Code (Text):
        [other config]
        permission: 'buildersWand.use.1'
    So the user needs the permission "buildersWand.use.1" to use the wand.

    • Improve the block selection algorithm
    • Add a gui to configurate the config ingame
    • Commands usable on the commandline
    To report a bug or suggest/request a feature please use github, write me on Discord or just write in the comments.

    You will support/donate me ?
    Its not a requirement, but a nice gesture.
    Feel free to pn me :)
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Recent Updates

  1. Added support for 1.14
  2. Fixed Recipe bug
  3. Updated to 1.13

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2.7.0
    it seems like a pretty good plugin but this latest version is having errors where people cant move named items to other inventory slots
  2. Alfredddd
    Version: 2.7.0
    Nice plugin! But please add support for PlotSquared, other players can build on other players plots
  3. galaxyvietnam
    Version: 2.6.1
    my friend say when he member you the member can not use becuase the permission but he add permission yes
    1. Wythe
      Author's Response
      Greate Review, thanks..
      The Review part is for reviews not for bug reports (join the discord or write a issue on github).
      Also you wrote no details about that...
  4. lolsevryday
    Version: 2.6.1
    Very Helpful for building. after deleting mcMMO this plugin finally worked and I had relief that I can finally make easy builds on my server. thanks!
  5. ZetaGaming
    Version: 2.5.0
    Great plugin! but please update it to 1.13.2 :)
    I really need this plugin for my skyblock server.
    1. Wythe
  6. Miss_Anita
    Version: 2.4.0
    Awesome plugin, trying it for plotsquared for builders in creative however they are able to build on others plots.... Was curious if it could be added to where non plot owners will not be able to use the builders wand on someone else's plots. :D <3 I really do enjoy the builders wand It is wonderful but I know I got some people that would not respect others plots and would mess it up..... <3
  7. huyhien123
    Version: 2.3.8
    hey it's me ; member can also use in spawn plx fix its thx u so much ! :D
    I love your plugin :D
  8. CrazyWords
    Version: 2.3.8
    Amazing plugin! Add please WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit support.
    //undo feature please )
  9. Trixie
    Version: 2.3.6
    PERFECT! Love love love. Players will love this! Can you by chance add permission nodes for each wand made? So I can tier them based on rank? Thanks
    1. Wythe
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review, there is a new version with your requested feature (optional permission for each wand)
  10. huyhien123
    Version: 2.3.3
    1. Wythe
      Author's Response
      On the Weekend i have time to work on the new version.
      Can you send me(PM/DM) more informations about the issue ?
      Starts on server start ? Only on right click ? etc.