Builders Wand | Building Help | Configurable | WorldGuard, aSkyblock and Towny support |1.8 - 1.12.2 2.3.3

Builders Wand is a plugin that adds a custom item which helps you build in creative and survival mod

  1. None unique Inventories while crafting the builders wand

    This version fixed a bug with the inventory/storage(sneak + leftclick) when the Wand was crafted instead of used the give command.

    In the last version all crafted Wands had no uuid so in the storage folder all crafted wands used the null.yml for the inventory!
  2. Fixed item moving bug

    This version fix a bug while moving items with the number keys is not allowed in any inventory.
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  3. small translation fix

    I failed and overwrite the updateLine3 key in the translation files.
    For everybody who already used the last version => go in the translation files, delete the updateLine3 and reload to fix it.
  4. Particle rendering

    Added a option (to the config.yml) to disable rendering the particle for each player on the server (so only the player which use the wand can see the partilces).
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  5. Added Support for Towny

  6. Multiple wands, storage for the wand, improved updater

    This version changes the configuration files (because of the multiple files).
    In the config.yml are the general configurations and new is the wands.yml which contains all wands (configurations).

    New Features

    • Added support for multiple Wands (all are configurable)
    • Improved the Updater
      • All Players with the permission...
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  7. Added optional durability

    New Features:
    • Durability

    On this update i added a optional durability.
    There are 3 new options in the config:

    amount -> the amount of uses
    enabled -> is durabilty enabled ?
    text -> the shown text on the item​
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  8. Fixed offhand bug

    Fixed a (dupe) bug with the offhand (reported by @minhthanh920)
  9. Added Support for WorldGuard and aSkyBlock | Added renderInterval to the config

    New Features:
    • Support for WorldGuard and aSkyBlock
      • Added the permission buildersWand.bypass to allow building in blocked areas (e.g. aSkyBlock and/or worldGuard areas)
    • Added a new option in the config called renderInterval.
      Its the interval between the particle will be rendered.
      Default are 2 Ticks (20 ticks = 1 second)
  10. New Permissions to craft and use the BuildersWand

    Added the following Permissions:

    • buildersWand.craft => Allows a user to craft the buildersWand
    • buildersWand.use => Allows a user to use the buildersWand(Requested by @minhthanh920)