BuildFFA [100% configurable] - (English+German) 1.0

a simple BuildFFA-plugin that includes all you need and more

  1. LastPaladin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    English, German
    BuildFFA by LastPaladin

    Enjoy my new Plugin!
    I recently decided to code a BuildFFA-plugin,
    because I noticed that there still isn't one thats full-configurable and free to use.
    But I can guarantee: Now there is! ;)


    This version of BuildFFA works for Spigot and Bungeecord. It has 4 seperate configs which you can fully customize:
    - default config
    - items
    - scoreboard
    - messages
    Below you can take a look into the default-config.
    As you will see, further information how to customize this plugin are written in the configs.

    # Configuration File #
    #if you change the config via ingame-commands
    #all annotations will be deleted

    bungeecord: false
    active-world: 'world'

    activate-scoreboard: true

    #pvp is disabled in the area above the spawnheight
    spawnheight: 80
    #players under the level of the deathheight will die instantly
    deathheight: 0
    #how long it takes until a placed block gets removed(time in seconds)
    block-break-delay: 10

    SpawnX: 0.0
    SpawnY: 70.0
    SpawnZ: 0.0
    SpawnYaw: 0.0
    SpawnPitch: 0.0

    #will modify items and chat-messages
    #default german (-de)
    #for english please use -en
    #IMPORTANT! after editing this you have to remove the old messages.yml and items.yml
    lang: 'de'

    If you install this to your server, be aware that the plugin
    is german, thats just because I'm too:D
    Just chane "lang: de" in the config to "lang: en",
    delete the old .yml (exept config.yml) files and reload the server.

    Because it's a minigame, this plugin comes with just
    a few ingame-commands
    but you shoult check them too:



    /build - allows you to build anywhere, just like normal minecraft
    » Permission: use the build-command

    /setspawn - sets the spawn to your current location
    » Permission: buildffa.setspawn: use setspawn-command

    /setheight [spawn/death] <y-height> - sets the spawn/death height
    » Permission: buildffa.setheight: use setheight-command

    - animated (cracking-animation) block removal after some seconds
    - spawnheight which is protected from block-placing and pvp
    - scoreboard
    - disabled item-drops
    - disabled fall-damage
    and much more


    I'll try to release some new versions in the next time with even more functions :D

    Please try to get support before writing a bad review
    so if you encounter any bugs or issues or you simply need support please contact me on discord or via mail!

    Discord: LastPaladin#6689
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    If you have made a video about this plugin, or you are planning to make one, please contact me too(y)
    (Gern auch auf deutsch!:))

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  1. MathSwift
    Version: 1.0
    Es ist das Beste FFA Plugin was ich gefunden habe. Simpel zu bedienen. Andere dagegen sind eher schlechter zu verstehen. ;)