Building Tools 2.1.0

Handy Tool box for building you can give to users

  1. Digbywood

    MAJOR UPDATE: Total of 17 secret blocks user can place!!!

    Moved from Bukkit.

    Building Tools is a plugin that will allow your users to place blocks that cannot be placed without WorldEdit or /setblock. Are your admins tired of players hastling them about changing all the logs in their plot with 6 Sided Logs. Well look no further Building Tools is a Tool Box full of useful items and blocks that your users can use. Just like all the 6 Sided Logs, all mushroom blocks, piston blocks and more. Including a "No Physics Stick" that will allow the user to do impossible things in minecraft and defy physics. For example you could make cactus grow on glass or even have a floating cactus; The possibilities are endless! There are no complicated commands all there is, is:
    /buildingtools (or if your lazy like me: /bt). That will open a simple GUI that the player can use no hassle.


    (old) VIDEOS:

    Review By: LtJim007

    Review By: Pheasant Road Studios

    • Easy GUI to use.
    • Only 1 command.
    • Allow players to place:
    • All six sided logs.
      • All mushroom blocks.
      • Piston head.
      • 3 secret slab blocks.
      • A lit furnace.
    • Easy to use permissions.
    • Let players safely edit blocks using No Physics Stick.
    • Easy installment.

    • /buildingtools - Opens simple to use GUI.
    • /bt - Aliase of /buildingtools.

    • buildingtools.use - Allows player to open GUI.
    • buildingtools.use.* - Allows player to place/use every tool.

    • buildingtools.use.log.oaklog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Oak Log.
    • buildingtools.use.log.sprucelog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Spruce Log.
    • buildingtools.use.log.birchlog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Birch Log.
    • buildingtools.use.log.junglelog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Jungle Log.
    • buildingtools.use.log.acacialog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Acacia Log.
    • buildingtools.use.log.darkoaklog - Allows player to place/use the 6 Sided Dark Oak Log.

    • buildingtools.use.mushroom.block - Allows player to place/use the Mushroom Block.
    • - Allows player to place/use the Red Mushroom Block.
    • buildingtools.use.mushroom.brown - Allows player to place/use the Brown Mushroom Block.
    • buildingtools.use.mushroom.stem - Allows player to place/use the Stem of the Mushroom Block.
    • buildingtools.use.mushroom.stemcovered - Allows player to place/use the Covered Stem of the Mushroom Block.

    • buildingtools.use.piston.normal - Allows player to place/use the Normal Piston Head.
    • buildingtools.use.piston.inverted - Allows player to place/use the Inverted Piston Head.

    • buildingtools.use.slab.stone - Allows player to place/use the Double Stone Slab Block.
    • buildingtools.use.slab.sandstone - Allows player to place/use the Double Sandstone Slab Block.
    • buildingtools.use.slab.redsandstone - Allows player to place/use the Double Red Sandstone Slab Block.

    • buildingtools.use.misc.furnace - Allows player to place/use the Always Lit Furnace.

    • buildingtools.use.physicsstick - Allows player to use the Physics Stick.

    To use this plugin is simple all you have to do is either be op on the server or have the required permissions and type: /buildingtools (or /bt). And a GUI will open for you that looks like this:


    You can then click one of the groups...


    then select what item you want and drag it into your inventory and start placing them. But if you want to use the physics stick what you will have to do is drag the stick down into your hot bar then to use it left click a block or air while holding it and it will set the block to what you clicked and will tell you in chat. Then to replace it just look at the block you want to replace and right click it. That will replace the block you clicked with the block you set without updating the blocks around it.

    • More secret blocks like double slab block.
    • Black List for No Physics Stick.
    • Be able to translate and change messages given off from the plugin.
    • Add more to todo list :D

    If you have any suggestions or if you have encountered a bug. Please let me know and ill do my best to add/fix them. With a Large update like this there is likely a lot of bugs.
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  1. stauplays
    Version: 2.1.0
    Very good but we can only use all blocks when we have the *-Permission :(
    i hope it will be fixed soon
  2. VojaFTW
    Version: 2.1.0
  3. parkasurvival
    Version: 2.1.0
    Thanks! It works very well! Please add a on redstone lamp. That should be very nice! Can you also render it in eclipse or whatever for 1.9(.2)?
  4. danicastraz
    Version: 2.1.0
    very good
  5. Bolean
    Version: 2.1.0
    Please add 1.7 version please
  6. mipastu
    Version: 2
    Not working on 1.8 spigot
    1. Digbywood
      Author's Response
      Do you know why? Is there any errors in the console? Do you think you could tell me so I can fix it as soon as possible. Thank you
  7. Aoro
    Version: 2
    I like the idea,
    Would it be possible to add other stuff to this plugin like a piece of a nether portal,... --> building block that could be used in the "Toomanyitems" mod for minecraft 1.7?
    1. Digbywood
      Author's Response
      Sure but ill have to see if your can get it in 1.8 though. But if I can add it it will be in the next update.