Building Troller 2.0

When someone wants to place down a building block, the block turns into LAVA!

  1. MustangboyzMC
    MustangboyzMC, GamingMeatHeadHD

    Hey Guys! MustangboyzMC here with my FIRST plugin! The plugin is operated by someone placing down a block to build a structure. When the block is placed it turns into lava! In chat it says, "Tee Hee (PlayerName) Nice Build!"

    There are no permissions or commands for this plugin! It is simply for trolling your friends on your server or for whatever you would like to use it for! Thanks for Taking a look at this Plugin! I will make some more advanced ones soon!


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  1. Fixed Broadcast

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  1. Agen1tChicken
    Version: 1.0
    I will tell all my friends!
    1. MustangboyzMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!