BuildingGadgets 0.6

Make building easier and more effective!

  1. DidiSkywalker
    Hello there!

    I guess every Builder knows the struggles that come with building, and I want to make building easier, more fun and more effective with this plugin! I already made some features and have ideas for a few more, but you can of course also send your ideas to me and I'll try to make them come true!

    Current features:
    - Superblock
    - Supertool (Powertool)
    - Itembuilder (Name items)
    - Itemframes
    - Nightvision

    Superblock is a feature that makes building with special blocks like mushrooms or all-sided logs easier as you dont have to replace them with WorldEdit anymore. Here's how it works:

    Type /superblock (or sb) with an id. For example: /sb 17:12
    This will give you a glass block which will instantly replaced by an all-sided log block the moment you place it.


    Supertool acts basically like Essentials Powertool, but maybe some Buildservers don't run Essentials (like mine), so I thought I'd add it aswell.
    This helps for example when you're making a forest out of your built trees.
    To use it just use /supertool (or st) plus the command to run (you don't have to add the first / !) and it will bind the command to the item you're holding. For example: /st /paste -a will result in the command //paste -a being cast everytime you click the item.


    This is a very very simple command to name your items. Usefull for naming different brush items. Usage:
    /itembuilder name|amount <name|amount>
    /ib n|a <name|amount>

    ItemFrames for easy Superblock access:
    Clicking on an item frame with an item in it will add the item to you inventory. This may be used to place superblocks in it and accessesing without useing the command (for example in pallettes).


    This command allows you to toggle a permanent nightvision-mode - without annoying bubbles around you - for you or other players. Usage:
    /nightvision (or nv) <player>


    Of course all these things also have permission notes:

    - /superblock: buildingG.superblock
    - /supertool: buildingG.supertool
    - /itembuilder: buildingG.itembuilder
    - /nightvision: buildingG.nightvision and buildingG.nightvision.others

    - Superblock: buildingG.use.superblock
    - Supertool: buildingG.use.supertool
    - Itemframes: buildingG.use.itemframes
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Recent Updates

  1. Added a new command! /nightvision