BuildLock 1.0

Locks blocks to certain conditions when building

  1. Strahan
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    When I play survival, I am miserly with my resources. I love birch plank flooring in my structures, so to save resources I use birch slab to get twice the flooring out of my wood.

    The problem is, when I am laying a lot of floor I inevitably make a slab on the bottom of a block rather than top, or accidentally place two in one space or one on top, etc etc. Same with using stairs as shingles. Sometimes as I'm sliding to the side laying them down I go to far and so it places a corner stair instead of a straight one.

    Drives me NUTS. So I made a plugin to prevent that. What you do is type /bl lock then you place a block. The system will see how the block is placed and automatically correct if you place it wrong. So if I do /bl lock then place a slab on the upper part of a block, now when I place it low it automatically changes to the top and if I place it twice on the same block (so it resembles a block of planks rather than a slab) it will correct that. Same with stairs.

    Also if I do /bl lock y, then if I accidentally place a block above or below my desired place it will prevent it from being placed.

    Right now the only "special" work it is doing is for stairs and slabs. For other blocks, the only use is in dimensional locking. If you think of other blocks with special properties that you'd like to lock, let me know so I can add it.

    If you have any problems, shoot me a message or add it to the discussion tab of the resource page.

    I designed it for 1.16.1, but it may work fine on older versions. I just didn't test it.



    Starts the locking process. When you next place a block, that block type is registered. You can optionally pass a direction to lock. It accepts multiple directions, so you can lock to like xy to lay blocks east or west at the current level or xz if you are doing a tower, or just y to keep them all on the same level.

    Disables a lock

    BL X|Y|Z #
    Allows you to adjust a dimensional lock. So if you have it locked to the Y dimension for example and want to start placing on the next level up, rather than relock you could just do /bl y 1 to adjust 1 higher. If it was 5 lower, you'd do /bl y -5

    BL DIR
    Allows you to see what dimension you are facing, X or Z. It's best to face straight N/S/E/W rather than 45 degrees off (like NE or something) for accuracy.

    Turns off the message that warns you when you place a block outside of the dimensionally locked plane, if so locked.

    Reloads configuration from disk