BuildManager - Simply Manage Your Builds! 1.3

Manage your builds. Designed for Build Teams, Useful to all!

  1. ItsErik
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Shaun434 - Permissions | Visit Bitbucket to contribute.
    BuildManager - Simply Edit Your Builds

    Side Notes:
    Was Designed for BuildTeams. It can still be used by everyone.

    Do Not Report Bugs/Issues In Reviews, Either report on BitBucket (Below) or in the discussion. If you report it on Bitbucket, I will most likely respond faster.

    /BM - Main Command
    - Create - Create a world
    - Import - Import a world
    - TP - View a world
    - List - View a list of builds
    - Info - Info on a world
    - Select - Select to edit a build
    - SetSpawn - Change the RETURN point of the server

    /BMS - BuildManagerSelector
    - Stage - Set the build Stage (Started, P25, P50, P75, Finished, Terrain, Mainbuilds, Decorate, Details)
    - Priority - Set the priority (Highest, Higher, High, Neutral, Low, Lower, Lowest)
    - Leader - Change the leader
    - add - Add a player to the build

    - remove - Remove a player

    /BMP - BuildManagerPermissions
    - Add - Add a permission
    - Remove - Remove a permission
    - Info - View A Players Permissions.


    This was put in for people who give op to all their players or want a simpler system for BuildManager's Permissions.

    A Permission: Normally is Command<Command>.<subcommand>
    EX: CommandBMP.Add
    EX: CommandBMS.Leader
    EX: CommandBM.Create

    Overrides still require OP. I need to fix this but I wanted to get a base for the system before continuing on.

    If no one has the permission then the plugin assumes everyone has the permission!

    (If no one is in a permission, everyone has it until someone is added).


    Fix Updater DONE
    Build Permissions DONE
    Clean Code SEMIDone
    Build Jobs (v1.5 to v1.8)
    API (Possibly) STARTED
    What would you like to have?

    - You may not share this plugin in anyway.
    - You MAY edit the code for PERSONAL use (AKA your server)
    - You may not share an edited version of this plugin
    - You may not take ownership of this plugin enless otherwise authorized
    - You may not copy any code from this plugin.

Recent Updates

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  2. Build Permissions - Bug Fixes
  3. Updater Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. CookieBilly
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great idea, would rather that my builders couldn't change the spawn (Everyone on my build server gets op) Maybe a config ti disable certain commands?
    1. ItsErik
      Author's Response
      If everyone on ur server gets Op Ill try to make a Permissions.yml that has options and only specifc people can use it.