BuildMode 1.2

With this plugin you can en/disable build & interact with a command and per player! #Lobbys

  1. Raytex
    For Spigot / Bukkit 1.8.8
    • Disable Block Place / Break
    • Disable Drop / Pickup Items
    • Disable Hanging Place / Break
    • Disable ItemFrame Interact
    • Disable ArmorStand Interact
    • Disable Farmland Interact
    • Disable Bed Enter
    • Disable Bucket Fill / Empty
    • Disable Workbench Interact
    • Disable Furnace Interact
    • Disable (Redstone,Ender) Chest Interact
    • Disable Hopper Interact
    • Disable Dropper Interact
    • Disable Dispenser Interact
    • Disable Enchantmenttable Interact
    • Disable Noteblock Interact
    • Disable Jukebox Interact
    • Build Mode to bypass all
    • Customizable Messages
    • Customizable Events
    • Developer API
    • Update Checker
    • /build <Player> - To Enable / Disable BuildMode for a Player
    • /buildreload - To reload the Configurations
    • build.self - To Enable / Disable own BuildMode
    • build.other - To Enable / Disable others BuildMode
    • build.reload - To use the reload command
    Developer API:
    Code (Text):
    BuildModeAPI.canBuild(Player p); // Boolean if a Player can build
    BuildModeAPI.getPlayers(); // Returns List of Players in BuildMode
    BuildModeAPI.resetPlayers(); // Removes all Players from the BuildMode List
    BuildModeAPI.addPlayer(Player p); // Adds a Player to the BuildMode List
    BuildModeAPI.removePlayer(Player p); // Removes a Player from the Build List
    Code (Text):
      - world_the_end
      - other_world
    NormalGamemode: Adventure
      DisableBlockBreak: true
      DisableBlockPlace: true
      DisableDropItems: true
      DisablePickupItems: true
      DisableHangingBreak: true
      DisableHangingPlace: true
      DisableItemFrameInteract: true
      DisableArmorStandInteract: true
      DisableFarmlandInteract: true
      DisableBedEnter: true
      DisableBucketEmpty: true
      DisableBucketFill: true
      DisableWorkbench: true
      DisableFurnace: true
      DisableChest: true
      DisableRedstoneChest: true
      DisableEnderChest: true
      DisableHopper: true
      DisableDropper: true
      DisableDispenser: true
      DisableAnvil: true
      DisableEnchantmentTable: true
      DisableNoteBlock: true
      DisableJukebox: true
    Code (Text):
    NormalPrefix: '&2[&aBuild&2] &7'
    ErrorPrefix: '&4[&cBuild&4] &7'
    NoPermissions: You dont have enough Permissions!
    OnlyForPlayers: This command is only for Players!
    NotOnline: The Player %player% is not online!
    ActivateOwn: You &aactivated &7Build Mode.
    DeactivateOwn: You &cdeactivated &7Build Mode.
    ActivateOther: You &aactivated &7Build Mode for %player%
    DeactivateOther: You &aactivated &7Build Mode for %player%
    ActivateOtherPlayer: Your Build Mode was &aactivated &7by %player%
    DeactivateOtherPlayer: Your Build Mode was &cdeactivated &7by %player%
    Planned Features:

    • Developer API
    • Editable Permissions
    • Im a Developer that turns Pizza into Plugins. If you want support me with PayPal, click here.
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Recent Reviews

  1. brainfreeeze
    Version: 1.2
    i really like this plugin because my server needs something like this due to it being pvp and none of the others worked. thanks for putting your time into this plugin!