BuildMode 1.1

Simple build mode plugin.

  1. Raira
    Build Mode
    What is it?
    Build Mode is a light weight plugin which allows you to easily switch between build modes.
    What do these build modes do?
    Well, it allows the player to do /build, which switches their gamemode to Creative so they can build.
    Why is this useful?
    Let's say you have a very good minigame defense you want to try out with your mates, but you don't want to give them OP or admin rank in case they touch something they shouldn't touch. You can just execute a command, and they will have access to creative, nothing else.

    Commands and Permissions
    • /buildmode: Enables or disables build mode. Usage: /buildmode on (Enables buildmode) /buildmode off (Disables buildmode) /buildmode all (Disables buildmode and changes all player's gamemode to survival if they're in creative) Permission:
    • /build: Switches from survival to creative and viceverse if build mode is enabled. Permission: None.
    Thank you for taking your time in viewing my plugin. I hope you find it useful!
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