BuildPortals 1.21.69

Player-buildable multi-world teleportation portals. NO commands necessary.

  1. Jfursathimn
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Updated for 1.16!

    --Player buildable multi-world portals without using commands--

    -- New in version 1.21.69 --
    • Supports 1.16
    -- New in version 1.20.68 --
    • Supports 1.15
    -- New in version 1.19.67 --
    • Supports 1.14
    -- New in version 1.18.18 --
    • Supports 1.13.1
    • Supports riding boats through portals!

    • Multi-world portals
    • Minecarts through portals (with/without players)
    • Minecarts with villagers or livestock through portals
    • Riding horses and pigs through portals

    Once installed, any player can build a teleportation portal by doing:
    1) Using a designated portal building material (Emerald Blocks by default) to make a nether-portal-like rectangle, with interior at least large enough for a player to walk through,
    2) Place an 'activator block' (any of Redstone blocks, Gold blocks or Diamond blocks by default) on each bottom block along the interior of the portal.
    3) Then build another portal where they would like to connect, placing matching 'activator block's in this portal.

    Once two complete and like-activated portals are built, the plugin converts the portal interior (including activator blocks) to air and links the portals! Each portal can be built by any player, in any world.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    /BP version
    Check the version of the plugin you are using.

    /BP check
    Check whether you are currently standing in a portal.

    /BP SetMaterial <MaterialName>
    You can change the portal frame material. This will convert all existing portals to the new material and also allow building new portals from the new named material.

    /BP ListMaterial
    List the configured portal material.

    /BP AddActivator <MaterialName>
    You can add a new activator material. This allows activating portals with a new block.

    /BP RemoveActivator <MaterialName>
    You can remove an activator material. This will disallow activating portals with the named material.

    /BP ListActivators <MaterialName>
    This will list all currently configured activator materials.


    description: Gives access to editing portal and activator materials (and misc. commands).
    default: op

    description: Gives access to view the portal material.
    default: true

    description: Give access to view the activator material list.
    default: true

    description: Allows activating a new portal.
    default: true

    description: Allows using a portal.
    default: true

    Source code available at:

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Recent Reviews

  1. JesusCrisco
    Version: 1.21.69
    Great addon still working as intended in 1.17 definitely gave the people on my server what they were looking for
  2. ___Julius___
    Version: 1.21.69
    Really good plugin, thank you so much!
    Sadly it seems to not be possible to let it use mysql and stores every block of every portal in the configfile :S
  3. xSniperDrag11x
    Version: 1.20.68
    Works without any errors on 1.16.2 so far.
    Great plugin.
    I'd suggest adding cool effects when entering and exiting the portals. Also water or netherportal interior
  4. PatrickGamer
    Version: 1.20.68
    Its Sick ! Can you give an option with permissions so players can only create like 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 and so on portals ?
    And also a sound effect on teleport would be awsome ! NICE
  5. IOI_ConstructOr
    Version: 1.20.68
    Good but generate a lot of lag with time... and number increasing.
    The plugin is great otherwise.
  6. Xanter
    Version: 1.20.68
  7. TobyMinceraft
    Version: 1.19.67
    This is a great plugin for what it does. Not many features, but it does the job well.

    The only difficulty is the priority of the portal handling. If you can make the plugin load after ALL server worlds have loaded, that will be great!
  8. NhutThinhVN
    Version: 1.170701
    It worked fine :) I love simple plugins and this is one of them ! Keep up the good work ! :) It would be even better if you can add a permission systems so that only certain players (Donators, VIPs, etc) can create, use the portals.

    P/s: Btw, I've made a short video about your plugin, use it as a demo if you want !
    1. Jfursathimn
      Author's Response
      Right on! Thanks for the review AND YouTube feature!
  9. PsyberTech
    Version: 1.170507
    Very simple and easy to use. Allows object like Rail Track inside the portal area without any problems. I use picture frames in mine for a unique effect!!!
  10. reacz
    Version: 1.1-160420
    This plugin does exactly what it says. I wish there was a teleport filter like with a nether teleport, but its not a must.
    1. Jfursathimn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! What do you mean exactly by, "teleport filter"? If it's not too involved, I'd be happy to implement it.