BuildSubmission Reloaded [1.13.x - 1.16.x] 5.1

Ultimate utility for submitting and reviewing player builds!

  1. Sequacious
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    FredTheLion, sdk345
    A slightly reworked version of the original BuildSubmission by FredTheLion.
    The plugin was too good to let die and I can't even find the GitHub for it anymore so I thought I'd bring it into the current era.

    This new version is compiled natively against 1.16 and has had some older methods replaced to allow it to work. It should still work on versions back to 1.13, maybe further.
    The user interface has also been given a slight refresh to make it better for the reviewer.

    A lightweight build submission plugin which lets you run specific commands once a build is approved.

    • /build submit - submits your build
    • /build list - shows all pending submissions
    • /build review <name> - teleports you to submitted build
    • /build approve <name> - approves the build
    • /build deny <name> - denies the build
    • /build rank <name> - shows the current rank of a player
    Review, approve and deny can all be executed automatically from the clickable buttons in /build list

    • bs.user - submit a build
    • bs.admin - list, review, approve, deny
    • bs.rankX - where X is a number. Use permissions to set a player/group at a specific rank. f you change someones permission it will update their rank on next startup or login.
    I will not be publishing feature updates for this resource unless I need them myself. This was simply a personal use restoration project that I thought would be best to share with anyone else who may need a similar system.
    Should the plugin break for any reason I will look into updating it further.

    Check out the plugin running at;
    Matecraft Creative

    IP: or
    Discord: [For the server, NOT plugin support]

    If you encounter any issues please use the discussion page and I will do my best to help you through them. This plugin has been tested and works fine on both Paper and Spigot.
    One known bug is that sometimes the plugin will not load at initial startup. If you have a plugin manager such as Plugman, simply reload the plugin and it will function as intended.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mixter213
    Version: 5.1
    Works good. I have not had an issue with it. reviewing and judging a build has never been simpler!