[Bukkit | Bungee] TimeoutMessage 1.0.0

Adds an extra 'player timed out' message for disconnects caused by connection issues

  1. inventivetalent
    This plugin adds an alternative disconnect message for players disconnecting due to a connection timeout.


    Code (YAML):
    #The plugin determines timeouts by checking if the ping changes every second
    #If the amount of equal pings exceeds this threshold, the quit will be handled as a timeout
    : 20
    #Message broadcasted when a player times out (leave empty if it should be disabled)
    : "&e%player% timed out"
    #If the plugin should disable the default ('... left the game') message when a player times out (Only for Bukkit)
    : true

    This plugin also has an API to handle timeouts.
    Code (Java):
        public void onTimeout(org.inventivetalent.timeoutmessage.bukkit.event.PlayerTimeoutEvent event) {//Bungeecord would be: org.inventivetalent.timeoutmessage.bungee.event.PlayerTimeoutEvent
            event.getPlayer();//Player who timed out
            event.getLastPing();//Last known ping value
            event.getEqualPingCount();//Amount of equal pings tracked (which exceeded the threshold)
            event.getTimeoutMessage();//The message sent


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