BukkitForcedHosts 1.0

Forced Hosts for Spigot Servers!

  1. DotRar
    Like BungeeCord's forced hosts but don't have a network? Don't worry! BukkitForcedHosts provides a system similar to BungeeCord's for your Spigot server!

    Commands & Permissions
    /BFH Reload - bfh.reload - Reload the config.
    /BFH SetSpawn - bfh.setspawn - Set the spawn for the world you are in.

    Code (Text):
    #Hostname: world
    pvp.example.com: pvp
    hub.example.com: hub

    #If the player joins with a hostname that is not specified above, they will be sent to this world
    default: world
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