BukkitGames (Hunger Games) 3.0.0

The best HungerGames plugin you can get. It's free, up-to-date and works right out of the box.

  1. ftbastler
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    See README.
    Languages Supported:
    Some translations are provided. The plugin can be translated into any language.

    BukkitGames is the best Hunger Games plugin you can get.

    From ftbastler, the creator of the TimeBomb gamemode & plugin,
    as featured on frontpage of the Minecraft forums...

    Here is "the other" big hit!
    With more than 32,000 downloads.
    Played by some of the biggest stars on YouTube.

    Here is...


    BukkitGames is the most customizable and flexible Hunger Games/Survival Games plugin for Spigot!

    Important Info:

    • Requires SQLibrary (min. v7.1).
    • This plugin is meant to be run on its own server (BungeeCord): It deletes the main world everytime the server starts!
      • Tip: Backup your world before using the plugin the first time.
      • BukkitGames is designed for a server network running multiple servers. The plugin will turn a whole server into a HungerGames tournament and will thus delete the main world on that server to create a unique experience each and every round.
    • Please always use the latest version of Spigot with this plugin. Also, BukkitGames is built with Java 8. (Check the plugin's version history for compatibility with older Spigot/Minecraft versions.)
    • The plugin will send plugin statistics to MCStats.
    • Note: This plugin is not the same one as on BukkitDev. The guy on BukkitDev just stole the name...

    Ready to setup your own server? Get started!


    • BukkitGames is...
      • ...completely free, for everyone!
      • ...very, very customizable, and every configuration option is explained!
      • ...flexible and extensible, so you can customize it even more!
      • ...up-to-date with the latest and best game mechanics!
      • ...ready to work out of the box!
    • Custom kits!
      • BukkitGames includes some basic kits to get you started.
      • Customize the plugin for your server and be different from others!
      • Create your own kits, you don't even have to touch a configuration file to add new ones. (Checkout the wiki for tutorials)
    • Abilities!
      • BukkitGames includes some basic abilities to get you started.
      • Give players special abilities and have even more fun playing the HungerGames!
      • Create your own abilities using "Skript" (Checkout the wiki for tutorials) or the BukkitGames API (Checkout the wiki for JavaDocs)
    • Automatic games!
      • All games run all by themselves. No admin needs to be on.
      • Admins can be gamemakers to influence the game's outcome.
    • Multi-language support
      • That's right. You can translate the plugin into any language using the configuration file.
    • Feasts and Spawn generation
      • Generate a feast and a cornucopia using your own schematic-files!
      • Customize the items in the chests! (Checkout the wiki for tutorials)
    • Database support
      • Perfect for creating websites with player and game statistics! (We even offer a template to make this even easier! Check the wiki for help.)
      • Every kill, every death and every game is logged while enjoying lag-free gaming.
    • Up-to-date game mechanics
      • Using scoreboards, holograms, "ItemMenus", particles, sound effects and much more your players will be impressed of the experience BukkitGames has to offer.
    • Custom world support
      • Custom world support is a big part of the BukkitGames.
      • You can play on custom maps made by others or create your own ones!
      • Players can vote for the next map they want to play on or you can have the plugin randomly selecting one.
    • Auto-Updating
      • Don't bother about updating the BukkitGames manually!
      • Automatic downloading and installing. Automatic configuration file merging! You don't even have to update your configuration files manually anymore!
    • Documentation
      • BukkitGames provides a wiki and an issue tracker so you can get all the information and help you need to setup and run this plugin.
    bg_showroom1.jpg bg_showroom2.jpg bg_showroom3.png

    You can read more reviews of the plugin over here.

    Convinced? Get started!

    Optional plugins:

    • Skript (use latest version)
      • BukkitGames has built-in Skript support.
      • Basically Skript lets you write programs in plain english language. Simple for everybody!
      • Create awesome abilities yourself and customize your HungerGames server even more!
      • Checkout the wiki for syntax elements for Skript by BukkitGames and more information.
    • BountifulAPI (use latest version)
      • BukkitGames has built-in BountifulAPI support.
      • Using this BukkitGames can display messages to players using the "Title" and "ActionBar" feature.
    • HolographicDisplays (use latest version)
      • BukkitGames has built-in Holographic Displays support.
      • Using this BukkitGames can display messages using a magic hologram.
    • Vault (use latest version)
      • BukkitGames has built-in Vault support.
    • TerrainControl
      • Customize the terrain
      • Useful to avoid large oceans and adding custom terrains
    • NoCheatPlus
      • Prevent hackers from hacking
      • A must-have to make the game fair for everyone
    • HubMagic
      • A must-have for BungeeCord servers
      • When a player dies you can teleport him to your lobby server
    • An anti-spam plugin is also adviced...
    • BGPlaceHolders by Hexel
      • This plugin adds new placeholders (such as information about the current BukkitGames match etc.) for the PlaceholderAPI.
      • The PlaceholderAPI is used in a lot of other plugins to display that information (e.g. WonderHUD and a lot more...).
    • BGtoLobbySystem by Hexel (outdated, see below)
      • This plugin teleports players to your lobby server when they die or when the game ends (similar to plugins like "HubMagic").
      • Very useful for BungeeCord server networks!
    • End Game Lobby by ajgeiss0702
      • This plugin will send your players to the server you wish after the game ends, but with a customizable delay!
    • BGStatuSigns by Hexel
      • This plugin does some magic stuff with signs and will f.e. display the current game state of a server in your lobby or show the stats of a player on a sign.
    • MVdW-Software plugins
      • A lot of MVdW-Software plugins have built-in BukkitGames support.
      • Plugins hooking into BukkitGames are for example: ActionBar, AnimatedNames, Tab, TitleMotdAdvanced, FeatherBoard, DynamicSigns and InteractiveChat (search for them on Spigot)
    • FinalBattle by Puika (outdated)
      • This plugin adds custom arenas and a final battle to the game.
    • FreeToPlayDay by ftbastler
      • This plugin will allow you to set a weekday on which every player can access all kits.
    NOTE: BukkitGames does not manage or support the above add-ons. This means we don't take any responsibility for bugs or faulty behavior caused by add-on plugins. Translations could be incorrect or incomplete. Use at own risk!

    Permissions and Commands:

    • bg.kit.[kitName] - Permission to access a specific kit
    • bg.kit.* - Permission to access all kits
    • bg.admin - Permission for admins
    • bg.moderator - Permission for moderators (can login during a game and chat with everybody)
    • bg.cmd.[cmdName] - Permission to access a specific user command (Note: By default, BukkitGames will not check for these permissions. You have to enable permissions checking in the configuration file first.)
    • bg.cmd.* - Permission to access all user commands.
    • Commands are /bg and /bukkitgames
    • Some commands also have aliases (e.g. /start for /bg start)
    With the wiki you can access tutorials, guides and help for the BukkitGames.

    Issue tracker:
    Bug reports, errors, feature requests etc. are tracked in this issue tracker.
    Do not post bug reports or errors in the forum thread!

    Help, feedback and bug reports:

    • The plugin does not work? First thing to do is check the console and BukkitGames log file!
    • If you need help, please start by reading the wiki. There are a lot of tutorials and tips for newcomers.
    • Report bugs and make feature requests in the bug tracker. Please include error logs and any additional information.
    • Discuss the plugin and give feedback in the forum thread.
    • If you like the plugin, please post a review! Much appreciated. :)


    By downloading and/or using the BukkitGames plugin you agree with the following license.

    Want to use BukkitGames? Get started!

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Recent Reviews

    Version: 3.0.0
    i know, i know, it deletes main world when started, but can you at least fix it?
  2. adrianalima123
    Version: 3.0.0
    I can't find the bgstatusigns plugin anywhere. How to BgStatuSigns plugin download? Create a signs to map?
  3. Creeper_Pro20
    Version: 3.0.0
    Awesome Plugin! Pretty much the best hunger games plugin! Note for everyone complaining that it doesn't work. You must use Spigot 1.12.2 and not other forks of spigot (such as Paper). You can use ViaVersion to allow other versions to join
  4. IncoXD
    Version: 3.0.0
    tremenda mierda .
  5. sun0fharryxd
    Version: 3.0.0
    When I ran the plugin, it deleted my custom built world which me and my team (6 builders) were all very angry!
    1. ftbastler
      Author's Response
      If you download a plugin, please at least read the important info section, where it clearly says: "It deletes the main world everytime the server starts!"
  6. MrJuancho
    Version: 3.0.0
    I can add potion effects to kits? best plugin i love it :D.
    pls compatibility new versiones of plugin with 1.8 and others :c
  7. JIR0_
    Version: 3.0.0
    Great plugin, however there are a couple big issues:
    1. Skript no longer supported. If you use the outdated Skript plugin it gives an error as it is too old for 1.12. If you use a newer version it doesn't understand the syntax of BukkitGames.

    2. Why can't admins break blocks before the game starts? Also, why do admins get their inventories removed? You say there is a gamemaker mode but there is no command to activate.

    This makes it impossible to add new kits with bukkithelper unless you remove the plugin and also makes it impossible to make special games because you can't build.

    Also, doesn't work on 1.12.2 for some reason, have to use 1.12.
    1. ftbastler
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the info!
      1. Will check what happened to Skript with the newer versions.
      2. Please check that the spawn-protection radius in the Spigot config is set to 0.
  8. cigax09
    Version: 3.0.0
    The plugin is really great. But it has character problems. When I translate, I get an error like BLA_BLA_BLA. There are letters in my language such as "ı ç ş ğ ü İ Ç Ş Ğ Ü".
  9. gaberilde
    Version: 3.0.0
    didnt realise it deleted my main world and lost about 4 hours of work on it at LEAST have a warning this is a stupid plugin!!!!
    1. ftbastler
      Author's Response
      Maybe just read like the first two sentences of the plugin page?
      It‘s red, it‘s bold, it‘s a warning - how about reading it?
      The plugin is designed to run in a BungeeCord environment...
  10. o0Julia0o
    Version: 3.0.0
    I like it very much. It woul be nicer, if something like: move to lobbyserver would be build in. And a discribtion for users at the spawn. So the can leave the game or know how to buy kits. It would be very great it after time, lava would come from the air - or dynamite - or creepers, etc.
    1. ftbastler
      Author's Response
      Hey, great idea! BukkitGames provides a great API and Skript events to extend the core game. :-)