Bungee Admin Tools - Basics edition 1.4.3-basics

Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

  1. AlphartDev
    This plugin is UUID compatible
    You need at least a BungeeCord build #831 (#878 for latest version)
    It's recommended to use the MySQL storage instead of the file storage, because MySQL is faster and more reliable.

    Contributors : fuzzy_bot, James137137

    Donators : johandre, tallcraft.com, mussonking, Sinuce, FleetPaw

    FAQ: If you have an issue, click here before posting on the topic

    Link to the Bungee Admin Tools DOCUMENTATION
    Translate and modify BAT's messages

    Open-Source project : Link to the github repository

    Did you always search for an efficient administration plugin ? A plugin which perfectly fits your needs thanks to its modularity, flexability and versatility?

    Here you found this plugin, you were searching for.

    BungeeAdminTools (BAT) is a big Bungee administration plugin which handles bans, kicks and mutes over the whole network with just one plugin, allowing you to ban or mute players across the whole network or just single servers regarding players usernames and IP's. It also provides functionality to kick players from the network or just to the lobby. All this can be handled through bungee allowing you to administrate all servers no matter what bukkit server you are logged into on your network.

    Features :

    • Web Interface : An web interface is available to make the administration of your server always more comfortable. Check it out here
    • Commands : ban or mute players across the whole network or just single servers regarding players usernames and IP's and kick players from the network or just to the lobby. See the full list at the bottom of the page

    • Bungee plugin : One plugin for each bungee instance and that's all ! No need to setup an addon on your spigot / bukkit server. All administration can be done no matter where you are on your network.
    • Redis support : BAT can hookup into RedisBungee in order to use BAT on many Bungee proxies without experiencing synchronization problems.

    • Lookup command : Get a quick recap of a players history to manage your server faster : first and last login, current state (ban, mute ...) on different servers, his number of sanctions etc.
    • Triggers: Execute a list of commands after a specified number of warning/comments.

    • Modular : keep only the things you really need, disabling the others one with a simple config file to lower your server workload.

    • Import from BungeeSuiteBans, GeSuitBans, minecraft vanilla and a lot others : Keep your old bans database is really easy, one command and that's all.

    • MySQL storage for great perfomance

    Requirements :

    For all support requests, please ask your question on BAT thread, there is no need to PM me or add me on skype (and I can't guarantee I will respond on those channels of communication).

    Acknowledgements :
    • Thanks to the pleascraftme.fr server, which convince me to make this plugin and help me to improve it (especially thanks to Tazmaik and Kalorte for everything and to Jim for the banner)
    • Thanks to the JamieS1211 (server : officialtjp.com) for his inestimable help with the english and the documentation
    • Thanks to AlphartDev for developing the plugin!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheAudioUnion
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    Hello there,
    I have downloaded your plugin but i cant get it to work. It prints a error in the console and it doesn't want to load. I installed the required plugin "Yamler" and that plugin doesn't load too. I have the last version of Bungee and Spigot. Please check this error.

    Error: http://pastebin.com/kQiLEMRL

    If you know how to fix this please message me or reply on this comment.
    Thanks in advance :D
    1. AlphartDev
      Author's Response
      Hi, that's a Bungee plugin and therefore need to be in the Bungee plugins folder not the spigot one.
  2. AlexReq
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    One of the best punishments plugins for bungeecord, I'm waiting impatiently for the premium version, I need that offline mode support! Of course I will buy!
  3. devioursoul
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    First of all to the 2 "users" who reviewed the plugin / developer.
    You are IDIOTS!

    You can customize messages completely! Not sure what else you want. Maybe glasses so you can read the language files? which is talked about in the documentation!


    The only thing I can say needs improvement is also the documentation.
    Specifically, the language files section. While I know what a variable is etc.. Most do not. This is my only point that needs some improvement.

    Putting in the permissions would be a convenience thing too. I will post these in the discussion section so it can be copy-pasted.

    The other sections of the documentation answer questions as expected in the form of a FAQ and come with reasoning. The reasoning is typically explained in a way that's understanding for new server owners. Sometimes there are also examples to help the server owner with this. This makes it a lot easier.

    The trigger section of this plugin is great. It allows me to "trigger" an event when for example someone has been warned for a couple times.

    This way staff does not have to check into everything. The plugin does it for you! did I mention the 5 language files that come with it?

    The plugin works for bungee and goes across all servers. Everything is customizable and for most. It is freaking free!

    Thanks for the plugin.
    1. AlphartDev
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I answered the permission related thing on the thread, concerning the translation part do you have any recommendations? The number placeholder seemed pretty clear to me but it might no be, so if you have any ideas I'll be glad to hear them :D Thanks!
  4. Deadlyapple_
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    Hello i wud like if you make it beter wen somone is banned it only sayes
    You are bannd.
    You should do

    Your Bannd
    Reason: (reason)
    How long:
    from how:
    Where can you replie
    1. AlphartDev
  5. YepImRobbie
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    No disrespect to the author, this is an objective review; this isn't a competitive bans plugin.

    This plugin is hella poo poo. The plugin works (mostly) - there is a running issue on his github where if you mute someone for 10 minutes, it does it for 'tomorrow'. He hasn't fixed this in over two years. Additionally, there is no lang file to modify the yucky colours. You also cannot modify the automatic text on the ban screen.

    I HIGHLY recommend you use AdvancedBans, 100% customisation, I've had no problems with it, it has customisation in areas BAT doesn't, and works in areas BAT doesn't. It also has much better documentation.
    1. AlphartDev
      Author's Response
      that's entirely your choice if you don't like BAT and I totally respect that.

      But you just tell lies therefore you can't call it an objective review, so let's see why you're a little liar:
      - the first issue you're describing is your fault, https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/bungeeadmintools-plugin-documentation/#faq-aka-i-have-an-issue-how-to-fix-it you need to synchronize the timezone of your server and your database (and has been actually fixed for several years)

      - the plugin message are totally customizable and it's actually translated in 5 languages ;) And therefore the ban message displayed on screen can be customized as well and colours work fine.

      Next time check your facts and don't be a little liar, thanks.

  6. CapitanoKidd
    Version: 1.4.3-basics
    Awesome resource!
    The developer is very friendly and fast to solve your problems.
    Good job!! :)
  7. Nuclear_Test_Man
    Version: 1.4.2-basics
    Very Nice. Useful for bungee networks and the plugin works with NamelessMC. Can you add a lockdown feature where it will have two commands, glockdown and just lockdown <server>. Thanks for the awesome plugin.
  8. MisterJeuFR
    Version: 1.4.2-basics
  9. mctutocraft12
    Version: 1.4.2-basics
    Good plugin.
    Please remove ip on the chat message

  10. SrLeojaco
    Version: 1.4.2-basics
    Good plugin, the best for managing global bans. A lot of modules and web interface included. But I miss an option to work with player names instead of uuid... (an up to date version, not an older one).