Bungee Admin Tools - Basics edition 1.4.3-basics

Ban, mute and kick with a complete bungee plugin

  1. Minor bug fix : backup command was buggy on some OS

    Changelog :
    • The /bat backup command was buggy on some OS (UNIX based mostly), thanks to ElectronicWizard for his help with the testing.
  2. WebInterface is out ! A few others addon and fix

    Changelog :
    • The much talked about WebInterface is now out ! Check it out right there !
    • An import option has been added : you can now import banned-players.txt and banned-ips.txt file !
    • The forbidden commands for the mute player aren't case sensitive anymore.
    • A bug with the bat.grantall permission is now fixed (see...
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  3. Fix gKick bug appeared in 1.2.3 and cleaner log

    Changelog :
    • Fix a bug with the global kick which appeared in 1.2.3 (stacktrace : http://pastebin.com/D5VjcEqH)
    • Remove the warning message (log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger) at startup of BAT.
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  4. Fix SQLite major bug (only present in 1.2.3) and add backup method

    Changelog :
    • Fix an SQLite major bug which appears in 1.2.3 (stacktrace related to the Core.getPlayerIP and the NullPointerException)
    • Add a backup method for MySQL database. Just do a /bat backup
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  5. Begin of Experimental RedisBungee support to handle multi-proxy

    Changelog :
    • Support partially RedisBungee and so multiple bungee proxies
    Thanks to @fuzzy_bot, BAT now in part supports RedisBungee (0.3.3 or newer) which means you can have multiple Bungee proxies. For example if you are on two different proxies, you will be able to ban a player on another proxy just linking them with RedisBungee.
    There are still some features to implement and that's only an experimental support, for example the punishment related to IP are...
  6. Fix BungeeSecurityManager and UUID

    Changelog :
    • Fix the warnings caused by the new BungeeSecurityManager (implemented in Bungee 948)
    • Reduce highly the lag caused by UUID getting : an lookup on a online-server now take less than 5s
  7. Fix mute bug

    Fix the mute data loading bug (NPE in the console and sometimes the player wasn't able to speak at all).

    Note: This JAR is the one which was posted on the plugin's discussion (the puush link.)
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  8. Big update :D

    If you encouter any problems with temppunishment, please check if your server has the right time and provide your bungee build.

    Changelog :

    • Stafflookup added :
      /bat stafflookup <staff>: display a lookup of the staff member, you can also view in depth information about a module using /bat stafflookup <staff> [module]
    • Lookup improved :
      You can specify a module with /bat lookup <player/ip> [module] to see all the entries of this player in this module....
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  9. Fix major issue for offline server and bug with 1.1.2

    REQUIRE AT LEAST BungeeCord # 878

    This version corrects the per server ban and ban for offline server, which were both broken in 1.1.2
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  10. Fix connection problem for newest bungeecord build

    This version repairs the connection problems which were occuring with the newest bungeecord builds.
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