Bungee Commands 2.0

Create your own BungeeCord commands

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    BungeeCommands is simple and useful plugin which allows you to create your own Bungee commands (this means that your are able to create custom commands under BungeeCord proxy, like /server, /perms etc.)
    Just install the plugin using instruction and create your own commands with ease!

    How does it work
    As I said, you are able to create your own BungeeCord commands with this Bungee plugin like /help, /plugins, /vote and anything you want. In the first release of this plugin you'll be able to create just text commands (/help will print your custom text, for example), but in next updates I'll add more functions and binds for the commands.

    How to create a command
    Just go to the /BungeeCommands folder in your plugin path and edit commands.yml. There will be an example to help you with creating commands, you may delete it anytime. Please notice that after adding a command you must reload configuration file to make it work. If you get an error in YAML syntax, plugin will notify you.

    This is a Bungee based plugin so it listens proxy chat. It means that if you add a bukkit command to commands.yml file as a Bungee command it will overwrite a bukkit command (for example, if you create a command "plugins" it won't run bukkit command "plugins" on executing, just proxy command).

    • Create your own Bungee commands under a proxy server like /vote, /help and /plugins with the text output with unlimited lines and blanks
    • Overwrite bukkit commands to block /plugins command, for example
    • Your commands will display text lines specified in commands.yml file in the chat on executing
    • Smart ability to reload the plugin (run /reload-cmds with permission bcmds.reload to refresh configuration file and get notified on YAML syntax error
    • Supports color codes (use & instead ยง)
    • No plugin dependencies like BungeeYaml

    How To Install
    • Ensure you have Java 7 installed!
    • Download the .jar file
    • Drag it into your BungeeCord plugins folder.
    • Restart your proxy server
    • Customize commands.yml in the plugin folder
    • Type /reload-cmds to reload commands.yml
    • Enjoy!
    TODO (Coming in next soon updates)
    - Add a server blacklist to disable command executing
    - Add a custom permission for each command
    - Add an ability to connect to the other Bungee servers using command
    - Add an ability to connect to random server from list on executing
    - Dispatch other commands
    - Add a per-command cooldown

    Bug reports and suggestions
    If you found any bug or problem using this plugin, or have
    a suggestion, please report in the reviews area, and I will try
    to fix it ASAP.


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Recent Updates

  1. Large and cool update [BETA]

Recent Reviews

  1. xFighter123
    Version: 2.0
    Thanks for the plugin,
    it'll be amazing if i can send players between servers using this plugin
    /survival will send him to survival server..
  2. Bigg_Daddyy
    Version: 2.0
    This is simpley amazing freaking love it its so simple but still so powerfull make is so more easy

    THANKS! and keep up the good work :3
  3. Neonlp
    Version: 2.0
    Please update the plugin. fhhfhehhfef 100 letters 4z4z4hhfhj jjfjejjfejjfjjejfjejfefe fergjkmn jvjjnenj
  4. KristofferIsMe
    Version: 2.0
    How to i get the commands to do something, like: spawn (then the players dont get teleported) how do i fix that they get teleported?`:) Awesome plugin btw <3
  5. Zedophix
    Version: 2.0
    Its a amazing plugin but I do not know how to add commands example of what I done:

    - ' '
    - '&8&m-={-&c &8&m--={&c &f&lShadow&7&lNetwork &8&m}=--&c &8&m-}=-'
    - '&c&lPrison &8\\ &7(/Prison to join)'
    - '&c&lFactions &8\\ &7(/Faction to join)'
    - '&c&lSkyblock &8\\ &7(/SkyBlock to join)'
    - '&c&lCreative &8\\ &7(/Creative to join)'
    - ' '

    I done that but I want to add commands like /prison, /creative, /skyblock and /faction. How can I do this?
  6. oldfart
    Version: 2.0
    A+ This is what I wanted. Players needed a shortcut to voting page and I created tinyurl and it works and looks professional. Thanks.
  7. RobinArnhardt
    Version: 2.0
    Perfect! Thank you! I hope you update the plugin always available for the latest version BungeeCord!

    Thank you!!!
    Robin :)
  8. ComradGamingMC
    Version: 2.0
    Can you make it so we can have it do /kitpvp and it would run the command like /server kitpvp plz and if does it was not working for me then can you help me fix it plz by tell me what im doing wrong
  9. Kjoenn
    Version: 2.0
    what i dit wrong

    type: RANDOM
    message: '&e&lConnecting You To a Random Server'
    - 'kitpvp'
    - 'skywars'
    - 'survival'
    1. NextGeneric
      Author's Response
      Are you sure that you didn't make any YAML syntax errors?
      Are there any debug messages or errors in your server console?
      Are you sure that no other plugins are handling 'random' command?
  10. Alex0Plays
    Version: 1.0
    Very helpful plugin. I'd use it on my server. Thank's.