Bungee Join Messages 1.11.0

Network-wide join, leave and switch messages.

  1. Tirco
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    This plugin allows you to define a message to be displayed when someone joins the network, disconnects from the network, or swaps from one server to another. I decided to make this, as I was surprised to find that the only other plugin that does this has not received an update since 2015.

    To install, simply place this plugin in your Bungee/Waterfall plugins folder.

    You can give each server a name in the configuration file, you can also add non-existing servers to be used with the /fm fakeswitch command.

    All broadcasted messages are configurable and supports & color codes.

    Make sure the permissions are given on the bungee network, not on individual servers. With luckperms that means /lpb, or you can set them in the bungee configuration file.
    • bungeejoinmessages.silent
      Makes it so no message is displayed when you join, leave or swap servers. This permission is meant for staff that often join the server while vanished.
    • bungeejoinmessages.fakemessage
      Allows the use of the /fakemessage command.
      The command will display a fake join/leave/switch message, based on parameters given.
    • bungeejoinmessages.reload
      Allows you to reload the configuration file with the /bjoinreload command.
    • bungeejoinmessages.togglemessage
      Allows the usage of the bjointoggle command, that lets them not receive certain messages from the plugin.
    • /bjointoggle (alias: /togglejoinmessage)
      Lets you disable certain incoming messages from bungeejoinmessages. (/bjointoggle <all/join/leave/switch> <on/off>)

    • /fakemessage (Alias: /fm)
      Displays a help message containing the possible uses.

    • /fm fakequit (or /fm fq)
      Sends a message on all servers, as if you've left the network.

    • /fm fakejoin (or /fm fj)
      Sends a message on all servers, as if you've joined the network.

    • /fm fakeswitch <from> <to> (or /fm fs <from> <to>)
      Sends a message on all servers as if you've travelled from server A (from) to server B (to).

    • /fm toggle
      Toggles your silent state, so that messages are sent to everyone.
      (Must have both the command and silent permission to use this)

    • /bjoinreload or /bungeejoinreload
      reloads the configuration file.

    Default config (With Explanations!):

    Config Placeholders:
    • %player% The name of the player
    • %displayname% The displayname of the player. Will default to playername if no plugin has changed their bungee-display name.
    • %to% The server they are going to
    • %to_clean% - ^ Same, but with color codes removed.
    • %from% The server they are coming from
    • %from_clean% - ^ Same, but with color codes removed.
    • %playercount_to% The amount of players on the server they going to.
    • %playercount_from% The amount of players on the server they are coming from.
    • %playercount_network% The amount of players on the network.
    JoinNetworkMessage & LeaveNetworkMessage:
    • %player% The name of the player that joins/leaves.
    • %displayname% The displayname of the player. Will default to playername if no plugin has changed their bungee-display name.
    • %server_name% The name of the server they joined to or was last on when they left.
    • %server_name_clean% - ^ Same, but with color codes removed.
    • %playercount_server% The amount of players on the server they connected to, or was last on when they left.
    • %playercount_network% The amount of players on their network.
    Remember that you can use the command /bjoinreload to reload the messages without having to restart the server.
    Requires the bungeejoinmessages.reload permission.

    Possible future improvements:
    - First time join tracking. (Requires storing every single player that ever joins in a file, as Bungee does not have the #.hasPlayedBefore as bukkit has.)
    - Disable receiving certain messages. - Added in 1.5
    - Player Count - Added in 1.4
    - Staff toggling messages on/off Added in 1.3
    - /Reload command. - Added in 1.2
    - More suggestions? Leave them in the discussion!
    - DiscordSRV events

    As of version 1.7.0 this plugin supports PremiumVanish, as long as PremiumVanish is correctly installed on the bungee server.

    If you want the vanila "Player has joined the game" messages to go away, I recommend removing them with essentials, or use this plugin:

    If you have any issues with this plugin, please describe them on the discussions page and I will look into them.
    The reviews section is not a bugreport section!

Recent Reviews

  1. hihuihuikjhgkj
    Version: 1.11.0
    Great plugin! But please add DiscordSRV support
  2. 23543b53b35
    Version: 1.11.0
    One thing i would like to have, is being able to use the Prefix from another Plugin, but other than that it is GREAT
  3. Xiao_Xiao_YangL
    Version: 1.11.0
    The configuration is simple and refreshing, and it is easy to get started. Thanks for developing such a great plugin!
  4. Adarsh_A
    Version: 1.11.0
    Great plugin, but 1.16 version support?
    Works fine and does what it should do, thanks!
  5. PlsHelpMeNOOB
    Version: 1.11.0
    Great plugin, customizable if you don't use the Premium Vanish feature.
    (Vanish features doesn't work)
  6. Lucian929
    Version: 1.10.0
    Good plugin, does what it says. Is it possible you can open source it so that I can add hex color support for 1.16+?
    1. Tirco
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!

      I have made the repository public, but it's currently in a bit of a messy state as I've been experimenting with a bukkit bridge :)

      If you do implement hex support, feel free to post a pull request! :)
      (Also I'm fairly new to managing public repos on git, so I might make mistakes)
  7. 2tbc1887
    Version: 1.10.0
    I love this plugin tons, my only gripe is that it doesn't support redisbungee (or the limeworks remake) for crosshbungee support
  8. lipsmoker
    Version: 1.10.0
    Honestly, I have been using a plugin (Most definitely the one you mention in the overview) for some time, That was very out dated, and had no vanish support, So i was constantly giving myself away when switching servers, But this is perfect! thankyou so much for the premium vanish hook <3
  9. Hertz
    Version: 1.9.1
    The best join/leave/switch-message plugin for bungee on spigot IMO
    Hope you can make the placeholder bridge plugin. Thank you!
    1. Tirco
      Author's Response
      nono, thank you! :D
  10. rapesco42
    Version: 1.8.0
    This plugin does very well what it does. I like a lot the silent mode so that admins are not bothered. Keep up the good work!!!
    1. Tirco
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! :)