Bungee Queue | Prevent server crashes from player join overload! | Bungeecord/Waterfall [1.8-1.14.4] 2.0.7

A Bungeecord based queue system.

  1. Colored Messages

    Support for colored messages added, you can now color any & all of the messages you want!
  2. Fixed error when sending player messages

    Fixed an error where the message being sent to the player when entering a non donator queue would not send the configged EnteringNonDonorQueueMessage2:
  3. Added ServerGrouping and fixed a config error.

    - Fixed an issue in the config.yml not generating the required information for you to edit all of the messages.

    Added server grouping
    Server grouping is now a option in the config.yml

    Server grouping is the ability to define "groups" of servers in the config such as

    - Example1
    - Example2

    This makes it so that when a player is kicked off of a server by another player joining past the Maximum limit set in the...
  4. Added a donator kick system

    Added Donator Kick System - PLEASE READ
    This update is per a feature request, this system allows you to give players 2 different permissions each one does 2 different things so please read closely.

    The first permission is bungeequeue.kick

    This permission (bungeequeue.kick) allows people with that permission to kick players off...
  5. Added Lang changes to the config

    Language update

    This plugin now has somewhat configurable messages, all messages are still printed in GREEN, I will be adding color message support in the future but for now in the Config.yml you can now change the messages to fit whatever you want, they do have a very specific format that I have laid out for now, I will be adding a internal system for placeholder support so you can truly customize all of your messages to fit...
  6. Added Donor queue

    Donor queue
    Don't want your donors to skip the queue all together? Well now they can be in their own queue with Donor Queue! it has a configurable multiplier for its own wait period as well!
  7. Added a skip queue permission

    New permission node available

    Want to have your donors and admins to skip the queue as a perk? Well now they can!

    You need a bungee permission system such as BungeePerms or LuckPerms on your bungeecord to use this.

    skip queue permission node:
  8. Added Configuration

    Added Config.yml

    You can now configure the multiplier used to calculate queue time

    Also you can now enable or disable a secondary calculation algorithm that can calculate a longer queue time based on the amount of players in the server the player is trying to join.