Bungee Reload 0.1 (BETA)

BungeeCord Plugin Reloader

  1. Leftwitch
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Bungee Reload
    This Plugin allows you to reload your BungeeCord like in Spigot or in Bukkit (/reload).
    This means when you add,delete or modify a Plugin just do /breload.
    (Modules are also included)

    Description: Permission for using the reload command.
    Action: /breload Permission
    Description: Permission for get a notification when someone reload.
    Action: Sends you a message when someone reloads.
    /breload plugins shows a List of Plugins
    /breload reload {pluginname} Reloads a Single Plugin
    /breload load {pluginname} loads a new Plugin/Module
    /breload unload {pluginname} unloads a Plugin/Module

    When u get any problems PM me!

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Recent Reviews

  1. DawgZ
    Version: 0.1 (BETA)
    Good simple plugin, great work. but.. Whenever I reload it only reloads the plugins, not the full server. So if I change te motd in the bungee config then /breload it does not change till I stop and start it.
    1. Leftwitch
      Author's Response
      true, could add this, keep your eyes open for future updates