Bungee Resourcepacks 1.7

Easily set server resource packs on whole BungeeCord and per server

  1. 1.7 - Setup commands and support up to 1.15.x

    • Includes support up to 1.15.x
    • Adds new sub commands to add and manage packs as well as assignments to /wrp and /brp respectively. (addpack <name> <url>, pack <pack> [url|hash|format|restricted|permission], listassignments, deleteassignment <assignment>, assignment <assignment>, globalassignment)
    • Add /resetpack command to send the empty pack
    • Add MineDown support
    • Add multi language support. All messages...
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  2. About the client freeze when sending a pack

    I have been getting numerous reports about issues while sending a resource pack to the client regarding a client freeze and how I could or should fix it so here is some info about it and the explanation why I cannot do anything about that from the server/plugin side:

    When a server resource pack is send to a client it will shortly freeze after the download is complete. (Same as manually applying a local pack) This happens because the client has to reload all resources, check which resources...
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  3. 1.12 Update

    • Update for the full 1.12 release of BungeeCord
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  4. 1.12 pre5 Update & Fixes

    • Update to 1.12 pre5
    • Fix issues when no hash is send
    • Fix issues when clearing pack on backend server
    • Added send-delay config option
    • Added bstats metrics
    • Fix a bug with the /usepack command
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  5. 1.6.11 - 1.11 Update

    • 1.11 Update
    • Support for pack format 3
  6. 1.6.10 - A lot of stuff fixed

    • Major: Plugin now requires at least Java 8!
    • Add ability to use all log levels in debug config variable, OFF completely disables debug logging
    • Fix /usepack resending the same pack the user already had
    • Automatically generate resource pack file hashes
    • Add generatehashes sub command to generate the hashes...
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  7. 1.6.2 - Really fix secondary packs

    • Really fix the secondary pack resolving which wasn't quite right when no main pack was defined.
    • Added StatsLite, if you don't want that you can opt-out in the PluginMetrics/config.properties
  8. 1.6.1 - 1.9.4 Update, secondary resolving fixed

    • Updated to support 1.9.4
    • Fixed wrong resolving of secondary packs
    If you want to support me, I now have a patreon with some rewards that might interest you ;)
  9. 1.6.0 - Pack formats, permissions and AuthMe

    • Added an option to set the format of the pack as 1.9 introduced a new one with the version 2.
      Players with 1.8 will get packs with version 1/no version and players that connect with 1.9 get version 2 if available.
      The defined pack and then the secondary list is used to resolve which pack a player gets from the top to bottom.
    • Added option to restrict a pack so that only players with the permission to use it will get it send. You can also set your own permission if you want....
  10. 1.5.6 - Plugin message channel changed (1.7 server fix)

    • This update changes the plugin message channel from the plugin's name to "Resourcepack" to resolve some issues with 1.7 servers because the old channel name was longer than 16.
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