BungeeAFKKick 1.1

Kick players from the network who might be AFK

  1. Darkcop
    --► Installation
    1) Download the latest version of BungeeAFKKick off SpigotMC
    2) Drag and Drop the plugin in to the BungeeCord server plugins
    3) Start BungeeCord
    4) Stop BungeeCord
    5) Edit the default configuration to suit your needs, give the correct permissions to the users/groups
    6) Start BungeeCord
    7) Enjoy!

    --► Hows it work?
    BungeeAFKKick stores when the player last ran a command or spoke in chat. If the stored time hits the desired time that is set in the config, then the player gets kicked.

    --► Default Configuration
    Code (Text):
    prefix: '&7[&6AFK Detection&7]&r '
    message: '&cYou have been kicked for AFK! Reconnect Back!'
    minutes: 30

    --► Permission

    Permission - Description
    bungeeafk.bypass - Bypass AFK checks and Kicks
    bungeeafk.kick - Get kicked if the player hits the time limit

    --► Images
    Player Kicked
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    Version: 1.1
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