BungeeAliases 1.1.6

Lightweight BungeeCord plugin that add's commands like /hub, /lobby, /skyblock, ...

  1. Handle invalid configs

    Handle invalid configs
  2. Support for color codes

    Added support for color codes
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  3. Extra support for plugins using bad EventPriorities

    Now BungeeAliseses commands should be executed/cancelled right after
    EventPriority.HIGHEST, which should fix BungeeAuth compatibility issues - @malachiel
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  4. Per alias permissions, config file update, ...

    Config setting connectingMessages is not used anymore. You can simply set config options like connectingMessage, connectingNoPermission and alreadyConnectedMessage to "" to disable those messages.

    Disabling alreadyConnectedMessage might be good idea if you're using "
    forward: true", to disable dummy messages.

    Added optional permissions (those are Bungee permissions not Bukkit permissions) and are set per alias not per server. You can set it to anything you want (player...
  5. Fixed priorities, fixed event canceling.

    It should now work fine AuthMeBridge for BungeeCord.
    Upgrade: There were no changes to the configuration file, just swap .jar and you're good to go.
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  6. Reload command

    Added reload command (/bareload or just bareload - from console)
    Added permission bungeealiases.reload for /bareload
    Upgrade: just replace old .jar with new and restart BungeeCord
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