BungeeAntiSpam 1.0

A bungeecord anti spam mechanism with CAPTCHA

  1. Voidev
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Anti-Spam for your Bungeecord network with a CAPTCHA mechanism and a bypass permission, completely configurable.

    Default config:
    Code (Text):
    wait=&c&lPlease wait before you can interact with the server again!
    captcha=&c&lYou have too often interacted with the server. Please type the following &5&l&oCAPTCHA &c&lin chat to prove you are not a robot: &e{captcha}
    kick=&cYou have been kicked because you have mistyped the &5&l&oCAPTCHA &c3 times
    solved=&a&lYou have solved the &5&l&oCAPTCHA &a&l!
    wrong=&c&lYou have mistyped the &5&l&oCAPTCHA&c&l. You will be kicked after 3 unsuccessful attempts.
    Code (Text):

    # all characters that may be used in a CAPTCHA
    # cannot contain an ampersand (&)
    # can contain double characters to make them more likely to appear
    # minimum CAPTCHA length
    # maximum CAPTCHA length
    # after how many unsuccessful CAPTCHA attempts to kick the player
    # can be set to something like 1000 to disable kicking
    # after how many spam violations during one cooldown to start a CAPTCHA
    # the bypass permission
    # the chat cooldown (in milliseconds)