BungeeArena 1.0

Arenas with bungee

  1. bram0101
    This plugin is on bukkit.org, and there will be all support. Please do not comment on this page, but on this page.

    BungeeArena is a plugin that adds a join sign for when you have arena that are different servers with minigame plugins that doesn't support Bungee and you have it all connected with bungee.

    How to setup
    1. Have a bungee, lobby and arena(with the game plugin and arena already setup) server.
    2. Download the zip file, and put the BungeeArenaLobby.jar in the lobby server, and the BungeeArenaArena.jar in the arena server.
    3. Run the arena server to create the config.
    4. Configure the config of the arena server. (Tutorial? Go to the configure part)
    5. Run all the servers.
    6. create the signs. (Tutorial? Go to the join signs part)

    Join signs
    This is the layout you have to type on to the sign:
    1. [BA]
    2. [GoatCraft] (this will be moved to the first line, you can change this)
    3. GC0-0 (this is the name of the server it's connecting to when you click the sign)
    4. Arena:20 (this will be moved to the third line, you can change this to anything you want. 20 is the maximum players)

    This is what it will look like when you click "Done" at the sign gui:
    1. [GoatCraft]
    2. GC0-0
    3. Arena
    4. 0/20

    This is the config:

    //the list with commands that the player executes when he joines.
    - goat join
    //the list with commands that the player executes when he leaves.
    - goat leave
    //the list with commands that the player needs to execute to leave.
    - /leave
    //the server that the player goes to when he leaves.
    lobby: lobby

    • bungeearena.create for creating the join sign
    • bungeearena.join.[first line of sign] for joining an arena.

Recent Reviews

  1. lapisguy
    Version: 1.0
    Really nice plugin, recommend it for all bungee users!
    1. bram0101
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It's just 2 simple plugins, but they can make things a lot easier.