BungeeAuth Importer 0.1b

A database importing tool for BungeeAuth.

  1. Vik1395
    Please make sure to make a back up of your MySQL databases before using the import tool.

    If you find any bugs with the update, please PM me and I will fix the issue ASAP.

    This software is an import tool for the plugin BungeeAuth.

    Please rate the plugin once you have tried it so that it can help others who haven't tried it yet. :)

    BungeeAuth Importer is a standalone tool that helps import Databases of other bukkit/spigot authentication plugins to BungeeAuth's own Database. Currently it only supports importing of xAuth's MySQL Database. You may see support for additional plugins in the future. This software is currently in its early stages and it might have a few errors, so I suggest you backup your SQL databases to be safe. If you are a fairly large server with a huge database of players to be imported, I suggest that you wait until a stable version is released.

    To use this software, just download and double click it. Make sure you have java 6+ installed on the computer. Once the program opens up, just fill in the required data in the given fields and click on Import to start the process. In case of any problems/errors, please copy the log at the bottom of the software and send me a pastebin link.

    This is how the program looks like.

    If you like my work, please consider donating, I would really appreciate it. [​IMG]

    The plugin repository can be found here.

    This plugin is licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

    In very basic terms, Do whatever you want with the code of this plugin, as long as you give credits to the author and/or the plugin itself.

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Recent Reviews

  1. didjee2
    Version: 0.1b
    Please make it for AuthMe too as fast as possible!
  2. CheRryS_MinT
    Version: 0.1b
    Very good! But, please, make it also for AuthMe ;). Thanks.