BungeeBouncer 1.0

Help securing bukkit instances by verifying the bungeecord instance

  1. Faua
    This plugin prevent impersonation in chat and running dangerous commands on bukkit/spigot servers connected to bungeecord.
    It is designed for multiuser servers where different persons administrate the bukkit/spigot instances, and they can potentially ssh forward connections to bypass authentication to other instances.
    Source Code
    How well does it secure your server
    To ensure as low load on the server, it currently only guards against chat and commands. So an attacker can potentially harm the server by destroying blocks/or making suicide. But the attacker only have (by default) 1 second to do the damage before getting kicked.
    If you see a lot of reconnects from an important account, you can seach for "SECURITY WARNING" in the bukkit/spigot log files which will tell you if it is a bad connection or something more serious (having a cron job or similar to watch for such lines is also a good plan ofc ;))
    Using the timestamps from the log you should also be able to undo damage using some log plugin.
    1. Add BungeeBouncerServer.jar the in your bungeecord plugins folder
    2. Startup/reload bungeecord
    3. Make sure only the newly created "bungeebouncer.private.key" has secure file permissions
    4. Copy bungeebouncer.public.key to the root folder of a bukkit/spigot connected to this bungeecord instance
    5. Add BungeeBouncerClient.jar to the bukkit/spigot instance
    How it works
    It uses 1024but RSA keys to verify messages from the bungeecord plugin to the bukkit/spigot plugin.
    When a player initially connects chat/commands are denied. The player name and a nounce it sent to the bungeecord (using the plugin messaging protocol)
    If the bungeecord receives this a reply is made which is signed using the private key.
    The bukkit/server gets this reply and verifies the signature, and kicks the player if either a timeout happens or that anything is wrong with the reply.