BungeeCast 0.3

Broadcasts Messages Randomly on all Servers

  1. Slowline
    • Description / Beschreibung:
    - English
    This Plugin picks Randomly Messages out of a created list and send's these to the Server​
    - Deutsch (German)
    Das Plugin nimmt Zufällig eine Nachricht aus der Config und sendet Sie allen auf dem Server​
    • Installation
    - Installation Spigot/Bukkit:
    Throw the Bungeecast.jar in your Pluginsfolder of your Spigot or Bukkit Server.​
    - Installation BungeeCord:
    Throw the BungeeCast.jar and the BungeeCast Folder in your BungeeCord Plugins Folder.​
    • Commands
    1. /bungeecast send <message> or /bgc send <message> - Sends a Message to everyone on the Server
    2. /bungeecast add <message> or /bgc add <message> - Adds a new message to the Scheduler
    3. /bungeecast setTimer <time> or /bgc setTimer <time> - Sets the delay for the Time in which the message will be sended.
    4. /bungeecast setPrefix <name> or /bgc setPrefix <name> - Sets the Display Prefix for the Scheduler.
    5. /bungeecast setSpacers <true/false> or /bgc setSpacers <true/false> - Activates/Deactivates Spacers
    6. /bungeecast setSpacersNmbr <amount> or /bgc setSpacersNmbr <amount> - Sets the Amount of Spacers infront and after the Main Messages
    7. /bungeecast help or /bgc help - Show's you the Help Dialog.
    8. /bungeecast credits or /bgc credits - Show's you the Plugin Credits.
    9. /bungeecast reload or /bgc reload - Reloads the BungeeCast Config.
    • Features:
    - Small Ingame Administration
    - BungeeCord Version
    - Spigot Version
    - Spacer Function
    - Sends Random Messages on all Server's​
    • Upcomming Features (Starting working on this 5.4.15 because Vacation :D):
    - Hover Messages (Chat Serializer)​
    • Contact:
    Skype: add
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      Thank you :D
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    Good plugin thank you!
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