BungeeChatControl 0.3

The best solution for spam, swear and caps in BungeeCord!

  1. PyraFox
    Version: 0.3
    Great plugin with a very active dev! Permissions work great and the config is easy to use and very customisable.

    Little notes:
    .admins is basically useless as spam contols pms along with main chat. same goes for insults.

    If possible, fix the spam portion of the plugin, so that if a players' message is nulled by antiSpam, it shouldn't reset the timer (Or add an option to do this in config)

    If a player has a letter before the "Swear" it is invalidated and not seen by the plugin and therefore goes to the chat

    Player: Fuck
    Chat: (Messages the player, nulls chat message)

    Player: tFuck
    Chat: tfuck


    Please add an option in the config to specify how many caps in a row
    before it fixes all caps, at the moment NO caps are allowed in a message, whereas I personally wish to allow 5 Caps in a row.

    It should ONLY check for continuous caps


    HFHAWFjoij would be changed to all lowercase.


    Hello My Name Is.. would stay the same.

    Also add a setting in config for how many of the same letters are allowed in a row (AntiSpam)

    1. SamuelCnc3
      Author's Response
      The plugin is in very early stages of development and therefore it is possible that there are some flaws, but will fix them with the updates in addition to adding their suggestions. Thanks for your review!
  2. iCourt
    Version: 0.2
    Amazing! Does everything it says its supposed to do, just one bug. Even if you have the correct permissions, sometimes it'll still block it!
    1. SamuelCnc3
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! :)