BungeeChatLogger 1.0

It's logging all messages, commands on all server

  1. xel
    On our server we need a chat logger plugin, so i made it. This is my first Bungee Proxy plugin, so i'm learning it.
    If you find a bug, or you have feature plan, then please write it in comment.
    Plugin features:
    • Logging main chat into chat.txt
    • Logging private messages into pm.txt ( /pm, /msg, /tell, /r, /m ) [ if you have to other commands, then tell me )
    • Logging global channels into global.txt ( /g, /global )
    • Logging commands into cmds.txt
    • Logs path: plugins/BungeeChatLogger/Logs/$SERVERNAME/$YEAR/$MONTH/$DAY/*.txt
    Future plans:
    • Configuration file ( for customization )
    • Give me ideas
    This plugin tested with BungeeCord #701 build. If you test other, please comment the result.

    There aren't any permissions, commands and configs.

    If you like this plugin, then please donate me on PayPal.
    Thank You!

Recent Reviews

  1. Phreag
    Version: 1.0
    Nice Plugin, using it since more than one year :)
  2. HeathCliff
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin, please add MySQL support cheers!
  3. PMGAdmin
    Version: 1.0
    Testet with 831 - Function

    Problem: You Log all in Month / Days Dirs.
    These are many Files and Dirs..

    Change it to One file for one Server. Then Perfekt!

    Sorry for my English, i'm from Germany =)