BungeeControl [BungeeCord only] 2.2.2

Custom player messages & bungee features for ChatControl Pro.

  1. 2.2.2

    • New | Added "forward-commands-to-redis" option to stop forwarding commands from ChatControl to all other BungeeCord instances.
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  2. 2.2.1

    • Fix | Solved a rare null pointer exception in switch messages when the player is yet to connect to a server.
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  3. 2.2.0

    • Improve | Updated for ChatControl 8.3.0.
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  4. 2.1.1

    • Improve | Following changes in ChatControl, the "chatcontrol.commands.reload" permission was stripped plural s and is now "chatcontrol.command.reload".
  5. 2.1.0

    • Improve | Breaking changes for the May 2019 recode, requires ChatControl 8.2.0.
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  6. 2.0.1

    • Misc | Added a new debug section "forwarding", you don't have to use it unless you're told by us to do, prints additional debug messages to the console.
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  7. 2.0.0

    Big news: BungeeControl has been acquired by MineAcademy, a new educational platform for Minecraft. All functionality remains the same however you can expect more quality updates in the future as well as better, faster customer support.

    This is the initial MineAcademy release. All classes have been repackaged to contain "org.mineacademy". There were no significant breaking changes so we consider this release stable.

    Please note that assets, graphics as well as Overview of this plugin have...
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  8. 6.1

    • New | Added "debug-log" option that, when disabled, will only write your debug messages to file instead of both file and console.
    • Misc | Removed soft-debug feature that would automatically print additional debug messages when you had anything in you "debug".
  9. 6.0

    • New | Added /bcb reload command to easily reload most parts of the settings file.
    • Misc | Added "leave" section to "debug" in settings.yml
  10. 5.0

    Requires the new ChatControl 7.14.0
    • Fix | Solved a rare null pointer exception when switching servers.
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