BungeeControl [BungeeCord only] 2.4.0

Custom player messages & bungee features for ChatControl Pro.

  1. 2.4.0

    • Improve | Update for ChatControl 8.9.0.
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  2. 2.3.10

    • Misc | Recompiled using the latest library changes.
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  3. 2.3.9

    • Fix | Solved "Server_Aliases" section of config.yml always resetting itself to default upon reload.
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  4. 2.3.8

    Requires ChatControl Pro 8.8.18 or greater.
    • Fix | Solved an occasional problem of messages being put on hold when a server is empty, then being sent all at once when a player joins. We were not aware of that BungeeCord did this and have now prevented sending messages to empty servers.
  5. 2.3.7

    Requires ChatControl Pro 8.8.5 or greater.
    • Fix | Solved incorrect Channel packet size.
  6. 2.3.6

    • Fix | Hotfix for sending cross-server channel messages lacking the "has mute channel bypass" packet data.
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  7. 2.3.5

    Requires ChatControl Pro 8.8.4 or greater.
    • Improve | Rewrote how JSON messages are sent to ignore bypass permission.
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  8. 2.3.4

    Requires ChatControl Pro 8.7.10 or greater.
    • Improve | Discovered a way to migrate the old data.txt to data.yml, you now will have you data from 2.3.2 automatically migrated!
    • Fix | Solved some scenarios where data.db would not remember players who joined and still broadcast them as first join multiple times.
    • Fix | Fixed first join message for players...
  9. 2.3.3

    Requires ChatControl 8.7.9 or greater.

    If you are getting errors like these: https://i.imgur.com/mUEdxsm.png please open your settings.yml and remove quotes from all numbers. Example: "1" --> 1.
    • Improve | Compatible with ChatControl 8.7.9.
    • Breaking | Got rid of data.txt file, unfortunately the previous system is incompatible with the new one so you will see...
  10. Important Advisory If Having Config Issues

    Are you getting "Key 'Version' in settings.yml must be Integer but got String" type of errors?

    The problem lays in that previously we used another configuration handler unfortunately putting all values as strings into config. I am yet to find a way to migrate your old values.

    How to fix: Open your settings.yml, and simply remove "" or '' from the numbers such as "2.3" will simply become 2.3. Version '1' will then become simply 1. Change all numerical values like this...
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