Bungeecord Queue (With priority) 1.1

A queue for a minecraft bungeecord network

  1. Rodarg
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    • 1.16
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    -= Support Discord (and other projects) =-

    -= Information =-

    This is a minecraft server queue like the one used in 2B2T and other anarchy servers. This plugin does also have priority queue and a way to skip the queue.​

    This plugin is only for Bungeecord servers.​

    The queue is seperated into 2 plugins. One plugin is for the bungeecord server and one is for the queue (spigot) server.​

    -= Permissions =-
    Permission: queue.skip
    Info: skips the queue
    Command: /skip

    Permission: queue.priority
    Info: Join priority queue instead of normal queue​

    -= Queue server setup =-
    1. Place the "RodargQueue-Bungee" plugin into your bungeecord server.
    2. Place the "RodargQueue-Spigot" plugin into your spigot (The queue) server.
    3. You can also add the world into your spigot server. This world has 0 chunks loaded which makes the server less laggy. Everyone will be tped to x:0 - z:0 once in a while to prevent new chunks being loaded.
    4. Open the config.yml in the Spigot server and edit the 'to-server' value to the server name where people will get sent to after the queue (This severname is defined on the bungeecord server in the config.yml).
    5. Change the 'player-limit' value to the player limit on the server after the queue
    6. If you dont want to use the priority-queue for some reason, you can change the 'priority-queue' value to false (People still need the permissions to use the priority queue otherwise)
    Please join my discord if there are any problems using this plugin, do not leave a negative review because it isnt working. I will try to respond as fast as i can.

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  1. Shape_Craft
    Version: 1.1
    Worked perfectly and is perfect for anarchy servers. Added it to my server and now I have a perfectly functioning queue. It was very easy to setup as well.
    1. Rodarg
      Author's Response
      Great to hear that ! :D