BungeeEssentials 2.6.4

Many customizable and useful features for your server!

  1. PantherMan594
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    BungeeEssentials 2.5.3+ requires Java 8!


    Hello, welcome to BungeeEssentials by PantherMan594! This project was originally created by SmirkingNinja as a port of The-Zip/LilyEssentials for BungeeCord. Since then, it has gone far beyond just a port, thanks to the awesome suggestions made by the community! The latest version of this plugin is always available here. For a more in-depth description of the modules, feel free to visit the wiki.

    This plugin can do many things, including cross server chat, friends, (command) spy, custom command aliases, and custom message groups! To view all the available modules and their descriptions, see the link below.

    BungeeEssentials requires Java 8, install that first! Then stop your BungeeCord proxy, put BungeeEssentials.jar in the BungeeCord plugins folder, and start the proxy up again. You may edit 'config.yml' and 'messages.yml' to your liking, then run '/gssreload' to reload the config.

    BungeeEssentials has many modules that can be enabled, disabled or tweaked to your liking. They can be modified in your config.yml. Click the link above to view a list of the modules, along with a short description of what they do.

    Commands and Permissions
    These commands can all customized in the config, and are activated if the corresponding module is enabled.

    Issues are one of the main ways you server owners, admins, developers, and other awesome people can communicate with me! If you want me to add a new feature to this plugin, or have a nasty bug to report, you're in the right place.

    Please try to follow the formats below to make it easier for both of us. You may include or omit any details as deemed necessary. I have also provided links for a pre-filled template to make the process as simple as possible. If you don't use them, please remember to include the appropriate label so I know what I'm reading right from the start!

    Code (Text):
    **Steps to replicate:** <steps>
    **BungeeEssentials Version:** <beversion>
    **Minecraft Version:** <mcversion>
    **Description:** <description>
    Code (Text):
    **Commands:** <list>
    **Permissions:** <list>
    **Description:** <description>

    Support Us
    If you like the project and it's helped you out, please consider donating here for PantherMan594 (current developer) or here for Fireflies (original author) to show your appreciation, or leave a rating on the resource page here. I hope you enjoy using BungeeEssentials!

Recent Reviews

  1. parpar8090
    Version: 2.6.4
    I was super excited to use this plugin, great idea, but it's DEAD. No more support.
    If there's someone who can fork this or something, please let me know.
  2. Drifty360
    Version: 2.6.4
    Good concept of a plugin but, it doesn't work anymore. It sends an error in the console saying that it needs an update and that I can update it manually with a link that it sends, however, the link doesn't work. This renders the plugin un usable
  3. Andyr22
    Version: 2.6.4
    El plugin hace su trabajo y funciona bien!! se los recomiendo!!!! !
  4. Narcorp
    Version: 2.6.4
    WHERE IS THE PERMISSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ruken_Antoni
    Version: 2.6.4
    Anyone who is thinking of getting this for there network "don't" or anyone who has it all ready then please stop using it, the plugin is no longer being updated I think?, and I would "highly" recommend that you buy "network manager"! It is the best replacement, I hope this helps you ;)
  6. TheBigDude5
    Version: 2.6.4
    Hello. When I first starting using it IT was amazing!!! but now every time I do/glist the player crashes and I've deleted bungeeessentials and it works fine. I've even deleted the entire folder for it. This Plugin needs a big update. other than that. this plugin is amazing
  7. zombieblaster04
    Version: 2.6.4
    Command: /compass
    Permissions: gssentials.compass
    Description: This will spawn in your inventory in your lobby server and when you click it it will come up with a menu to join different servers.

    Command: /lobby
    Permissions: gssenntials.lobby
    Description: you do /lobby in any server and it will redirect you to the lobby
  8. Elias_ViSiT
    Version: 2.6.4
    Nice ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. MrGamerz
    Version: 2.6.4
    brilliant plugin i love it it fills in a few missing pieces with bungeecord this should just be built in to it anyway, one thing though is there a placeholder for grabbing prefix for the messahe format for chat? if not could you add one plez
  10. Lakus2727
    Version: 2.6.4
    It is awesome and nice but the thing is you should add a cosmetics thing to the plugin so in the config you can set whaat world u want the cosmecits in