BungeefierCommandListener 1.0

Bungeefier Listener to execute commands as the console

  1. Sabbertran
    This is a Bungeefier listener which executes command as the console when someone votes

    • Custom commands to be executed when someone votes
    • lightweight

    1. Drop the Bukkit JAR into your Bukkit plugin folder
    2. Restart your server or load the plugin using a plugin manager
    3. config.yml: edit the commands which should be executed
    4. Restart your server or reload the plugin using a plugin manager
    5. Do this for every server in your BungeeCord network on which you want players to be able to receive rewards for voting
    6. Drop the Bungee JAR into your BungeeCord plugin folder
    7. Restart your BungeeCord proxy
    8. Done

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